How Long Would Download Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 8 seconds per 1 MB

According to people from all walks, The Internet is the greatest discovery of all time. The Internet has made the world a better place, yet it has its own advantages and disadvantages. The technology has been developing along with the Internet and some manufacturers create and invent hardware and software to accommodate the growth of the Internet.



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There are various uses for the Internet, and using the Internet, technicians have developed social media, that can be used for mass communication. Nowadays, social media is also used in the field of marketing and advertising. The Internet can also be used to download images and videos, that can be used for later purposes. By downloading the files, one can view and use the files without using the Internet.

According to careful consolidation and research, it has been noted that it takes about 8 seconds to download one megabyte. It can also depend based on the broadband and the speed of the Internet.

How Long Would Download Take

How Long Would Download Take?

File SizeTime
1 GB13 minutes
10 GB2 hours
100 GB23 hours

Everybody encounters the words downloading and uploading while exploring the Internet. Uploading technically means sending data or any sort of file from the computer to the Internet. Downloading, on the other hand, means getting and receiving data or files from the Internet and storing it on the computer for later use.

Learning how to download and upload can be easily learned by going through tutorials and books, but the process is very much easier and one can learn that all very easily. Normally, when one wants to download a file, they have to start the download by clicking the provided link. The link will be normally bold, highlighted, and in a different color than the rest of the fonts.

After downloading the file, the file can be opened by right-clicking the file at the bottom of the window. After that, the file can be saved in the place on wants to save it. Anyways the file can be downloaded easily just by clicking OK if a dialog box opens after clicking the download link.

Why Does A Download Take That Long?

Downloading can be done from one computer to a portable device, and also through the Internet. The duration taken to download a file from the Internet can vary based on various factors. Downloading smaller files takes less time than larger ones. The downloading time can be based on the Internet speed, the number of files being downloaded, and the broadband width.

There are download calculators now on the Internet that can help one know the download time using the download speed and file size. The download size is calculated through kilobytes (KB), megabytes (MB), gigabytes (GB), and the speed of the broadband connection is calculated in bits, normally MB. There is a formula that can be used to calculate the download time.

The formula used is the File size in MB divided by the value obtained by dividing the download speed in MB by 8. This will give the time. Broadband speed can influence the time of download very much. Faster the Internet, the faster the download. The broadband speed can range from 10 Mb to 500 Mb. Normally, houses have a network with a broadband speed of about 35 Mb to 65 MB. Professional areas like workplaces, schools, and hospitals have more broadband speed, like 100 MB to 500 MB.


Cheap fiber optic facilities give slow networks, and it is advised it’s better if the network speed is at least above 35 MB. Downloading video files in HD and Ultra HD requires higher broadband speed. When the Internet is being used by only one person, 35 MB to 65 MB will be enough. When many people use the same network, the speed must be at least 65 MB to 100 MB.

The speed can be slow than calculated if the connection is not as fast as anticipated. The connection can sometimes break and the speed fluctuates. It also depends on the network traffic and the connection of the server that sends and receives the data. When the connection is stable, it takes about 8 seconds to download 1 MB.



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