How Long Does It Take iOS 14 To Download (And Why)?

How Long Does It Take iOS 14 To Download (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 60 To 90 Minutes

As a successor of IOS 13, IOS 14 was released as the fourteenth major update, developed by Apple on September 16, 2020. iOS 14 is an update of the mobile operating system, for devices like iPhones and iPod touchlines.

The iOS 14 update had multiple features which left the audience quite impressed with the update. It had features like the addition of the Julian Calendar, many cameras features like QR code scanner, exposure compensation control, etc.

Apart from these, there were additional enhancements to the applications like maps, the home page, safari, messages, and translation features as well.

Moreover, anyone who has an Apple product with iOS 13 can download the latest iOS 14 version.

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How Long Does It Take iOS 14 To Download?

Download and installation time of iOS 14 can depend on many factors like internet speed and iPhone storage. 

However, there is one major factor that can affect the downloading time of iOS 14. That is your earlier downloaded version of the iOS in your iPhone.

Let me make that sound easy. If your iPhone has a downloaded version of iOS 13, that is too completely up to date, then it would take around 40 to 60 minutes for the iOS 14 update to completely get downloaded and installed as well.

However, if your iPhone has a downloaded version of iOS 13, but with incomplete or pending updates then it would take the longest to download. Downloading an iOS version is nowhere about just downloading, instead, there are many further updates that the user has to follow to keep the version completely up to date.

So if you are downloading the iOS 14 update, and don’t have the iOS 13 version completely up to date, but with further pending updates, then it would take around 80 to 90 minutes to get the version downloaded and installed.

Lastly, if you are upgrading from an iOS 14 earlier version to a newer version of iOS 14, that means, from iOS 14.7.1 version to iOS 14.8 update, then it would take the minimum time. It is so because this upgrade takes the minimum downloading of files, as you are just upgrading from one version of iOS 14 to another version.

Why Does It Take That Long For iOS 14 To Download?

Downloading and installation of the iOS 14 update includes many steps and thus takes quite a long time for the whole process to get done.

The first step is syncing and backup. This step can be optional, however, it is recommended to follow the step. In this step, if any of your files, documents, pictures, contacts, or any such important files are not uploaded to the cloud, all this gets done. 

The reason it is an important step is that there are chances that some of your files might get erased during the update. Thus it is important to follow this step. Backing up can take around 15 to 20 minutes depending upon the number of files to be uploaded. However, if your files are already synced, then the system skips this step.

The next step is downloading the iOS 14 version. However, as mentioned earlier also, the download time depends upon what is the earlier version of your iPhone. If the earlier version is iOS 13 (completely up to date) then the downloading file size is around 2GB.

If your earlier downloaded version is iOS 13 but not up to date, instead, with pending updates, then the ultimate download file size of iOS 14 along with iOS 13 updates becomes over 4GB.

Lastly, if you are upgrading the iOS 14.7.1 version to iOS 14.8 version, then the downloading file size is just around 400MB.

The last step is the installation which just takes 10 to 20 minutes. 


If you are planning to download the iOS 14 version, then be ready to keep your mobile phone aside for a complete hour and maybe even more than that.

Downloading is the main step that takes the longest time. However, if you have a good internet connection, enough internal storage, and a completely up-to-date iOS 14 version, then it would not take more than an hour for iOS 14 to download and get installed.

Once the download and installation are complete, you can enjoy the new features and love your iPhone even more.


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