How Long Would Cities Last Without Humans (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 5100 years

The earth can and will survive without humans. There will be some changes in every little thing on this earth. It could be a positive or negative charge depending on different things.



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Humans will probably be extinct because of overpopulation, environmental destruction, and climate change. Things that will remain of humanity will be plastics and radioactive isotopes. Human extinction will be beneficial for nature and natural things but detrimental for man-made things. Human extinction won’t be easy for the things that are dependent on humans. Independent things like forests, rivers will be more beautiful.

How Long Would Cities Last Without Humans

How Long Would Cities Last Without Humans?

Rural cities 5100 years
Urban cities300 years

If there were no humans left on this earth, everything would change. The harm caused by humans to nature will no longer be that much harmful. The wounds will recover.

Nature will bury man-made stuff and keep the environment cleaner than before. There will be no humans to cut down the trees. New forests would grow up. There will be greenery everywhere on the earth.

If it happens this way, the trees will help in decreased soil erosion. The animals will get more food. And their population will increase. It will also lead to a big explosion that will fuel a population increase in bug-eating species like birds, insects, and reptiles. And this way the maintenance of the food chain will be perfect.

If humans become extinct, man-made things will also be affected. Human extinction will harm these man-made things. The cities and other man-made things would not last so long without humans. As humans control these things, without them they will act like dead bodies.

Machines would come to a halt, airplanes would fall from the sky. Cars would move in any direction without any control. Cities would crumble, fields would overgrow. Bridges, buildings would fall.

Plants and animals that have formed close bonds are more likely to suffer more if humans disappear. Due to human extinction, one cannot repair man-made things like bridges, roads, etc. Cats, rats, and other animals will destroy the furniture and handmade things. The animals would cut the clothes and even the wires and papers. Animals, birds, and insects would destroy every possible thing.

Why Would Cities Last So Long Without Humans?

The man-made things like machines, cities, bridges would last so long. Everything in this world has an expiry date. This logic is also applied in the case of cities. Man-made things are under the control of humans. After human extinction, control over buildings will no more exist.

The houses made up of bricks and cement would break down a little faster than the buildings made up of stones. It is because the stones are stronger than the bricks. The bridges and roads would break down by the natural disasters. As there would be no humans, the condition of broken bridges and roads will further deteriorate.

Metals like iron and steel last long. They rust when they come into contact with water and oxygen. If humans become extinct, there would be no one to take care of these metals. So, they will get back to dust someday. The cities and the materials last long when we take care of them. They won’t last long if no one takes care of them. So in this way, their longevity decreases.


Humans have been the reason for much destruction. They have already ruined the planet. Our actions have done so much destructive work that there is no way to protect the earth. Still, there is a way if there is a will. So, we should try our best to protect the planet where we live.

Everyone should be aware of the damage that they are causing to the planet and repent as soon as possible. It will be a better option than a penalty for their deeds. It can only happen by controlling population, pollution, and deforestation.


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