How Many Years MBBS After BSc Nursing (And Why)?

How Many Years MBBS After BSc Nursing (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 5.5 Years

These days, in spite of a provision of lateral entry in courses, it is essential to have a clear idea regarding the duration. During a medical course, each and every academic year has its own respective significance. Bachelor’s in Science is already a lengthy degree.

For the nursing category, it might even take an extra year for completing the internship. Later, if the candidate wishes to pursue a master’s degree, a lot more effort and time goes into it. Academicians recommend getting proper career counseling before getting enrolled. 

How Many Years MBBS After BSc Nursing

How Many Years MBBS After BSc Nursing?

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery is an authentic course for becoming a doctor. The eligibility criteria are quite complicated and the candidate is required to go through a series of checks before securing a seat in some reputed university.

At times, even written tests are conducted to ensure that the applicant is fit for pursuing the degree or not. BSc in nursing is also important in certain cases. The series of courses is determined by the finalized stream of practice. Since the original degree itself takes four to five years, the total duration extends to a decade (or more at times).

The actual duration for an MBBS degree is determined by the inclusion or non-inclusion of simultaneous courses. The internship is mandatory in most of the disciplines. It is important to enroll in the internship as it helps gain experience prior to the actual practice duration (beginning sometime after the completion of the degree).

The combination is based on the course guidelines and other parameters on which the candidate is tested. Nursing degrees are easier than later degrees. A total of five years and six months need to be invested in terms of time.

This is inclusive of the one-year mandatory internship duration. Without pursuing the internship, the degree can be completed within a period of four years and six months. 

MBBS degree

In summary:

Without internship4.5 years
With internship5.5 years

Why Does It Take So Many Years For MBBS After BSc Nursing?

The duration of the process is increased due to the fact that the semester-length varies from college to college. The best way to analyze the course is to have detailed information regarding the whole program, even before completing the BSc degree.

The penultimate year is the best time to decide on whether to get enrolled in MBBS or not. Other factors affecting the length of the internship period include the availability of faculty, acceptance of patients, and the learning capacity of the applicant.

The five-year duration is the average time taken by a graduate student to ace the studies during the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery course. It goes without saying that intermittent health emergencies might further lead to a delay. Apart from the internship, the assessment also takes up a lot of time.

The entrance exams have a set procedure which is quite time-consuming. Waiting for the results also requires a lot of patience. Even after the admission is sorted, the enrollment procedure requires a series of checks. MBBS is essential for the subsequent practice.

MBBS degree

Therefore, it is important to begin the process as soon as possible. In case there is a backlog, the aforementioned time period would not apply. Above all, the candidate must focus on the course details before applying to any of the fields. 


The duration of a single academic year might be affected by a lot of factors including internal assessment, and some type of postponement. MBBS is an essential degree as a lot of future avenues require it as the starting point. The decision of enrollment is a tough one and needs careful consideration.

Rankings also play an important role at times. It is better to decide well in advance so that the precious time of the bachelor is not wasted in shifting from one degree to another. 



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