Time Card Calculator

  • Enter your base pay per hour in the "Base Pay per Hour ($)" field.
  • Enter your pay rate for hours worked after 8 hours per day in the "After 8 hrs per day ($)" field.
  • For each day of the week, enter the time you started work in the "Time In" field and the time you finished work in the "Time Out" field. The "Time Out" must be later than the "Time In."
  • The "Overtime (hrs)" field will be automatically populated based on the time values entered.
  • Click the "Calculate" button to calculate your daily and total earnings.
  • You can use the "Clear" button to reset all fields and start over.
  • Click the "Copy Results" button to copy the total earnings to your clipboard.
DayTime InTime OutOvertime (hrs)Daily Hours Worked (hrs)Daily Earnings ($)
Total Earnings ($)0


The Time Card Calculator is a useful tool for tracking employee work hours and calculating payroll. It allows managers to easily enter employee clock-in and clock-out times for each work day, and then automatically calculates total hours worked, break time, overtime, and gross pay based on hourly wage rates. Some key benefits of using a time card calculator include:

Tracking Employee Time

The Time Card Calculator provides an easy way for managers to monitor when employees start and end their shifts each work day. By entering clock-in and clock-out times, the tool generates timestamps that can be saved for record keeping. This helps ensure accurate tracking of actual hours worked.

Calculating Hours Worked

One of the main functions of the Time Card Calculator is calculating total regular and overtime hours for each employee during a pay period. It does this by subtracting break time from the total elapsed time between clock-in and clock-out. The tool can be configured with each employee’s standard break duration.

Overtime Pay Calculations

The Time Card Calculator factors in overtime by applying the appropriate overtime pay rate to any hours worked beyond 40 in a work week or beyond daily thresholds set by local labor laws. The tool automatically calculates gross overtime wages owed to each employee based on their overtime hours worked and overtime pay rate.

Gross Payroll Figures

By combining regular hours worked, overtime hours, and hourly wage rates, the Time Card Calculator computes gross pay for each employee during the pay period. This provides the total payroll amounts that need to be paid out to employees before taxes and deductions.

Flexible Wage and Break Configurations

One advantage of the Time Card Calculator is that it allows managers to configure different wage rates and break durations for individual employees. This flexibility accounts for employees with different roles and pay grades. The tool adjusts the pay calculations accordingly.

Reducing Payroll Errors

By automating the math behind time tracking and payroll calculations, the Time Card Calculator can help minimize human errors that occur with manual calculations. This reduces overpayments, underpayments, and other costly payroll mistakes.

Easy to Use Interface

The Time Card Calculator provides an intuitive user interface that enables managers to quickly enter time data and view reports. With minimal training, most users can learn to leverage the tool effectively. Simple but powerful, it democratizes payroll processing.


In summary, the Time Card Calculator is a valuable tool for any business looking to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and transparency of their time tracking and payroll operations. By automating manual processes, it saves managers time while reducing payroll errors and ensuring employees are paid properly for all hours worked. This innovation has the power to meaningfully impact both employer and employee experiences for the better.

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