Time & Date Difference Calculator

  • Enter the Clock-In and Clock-Out times for each work period.
  • Click "Calculate" to calculate the time difference between the two dates/times.
  • View the result, including the calculation formula used.
  • The calculation history will be displayed below.
  • You can copy the result to the clipboard using the "Copy Result" button.
  • Use the chart to visualize time differences over multiple calculations.
  • Click "Clear" to reset the inputs and results.
Calculation History
    Time Difference Chart


    The Time & Date Difference Calculator is an online tool that allows users to calculate the difference between two dates and times. It is useful for calculating time spans for scheduling, travel planning, time zone conversions and more.

    How it Works

    The Time & Date Difference Calculator works by having the user input two date/time values. This can be done by entering the specific date and time or using the calendar and clock widgets to select the desired dates and times.

    Once the two date/time values are entered, the calculator will determine the time difference between them by calculating the amount of time elapsed from the earlier date/time value to the later one.

    The results are displayed in days, hours, minutes, and seconds. The tool also shows the total number of days, which is useful for determining durations for scheduling.

    Key Features

    Some of the key features of the Time & Date Difference Calculator include:

    • Flexible date and time inputs allowing specific values or calendar/clock selection
    • Calculation of difference in days, hours, minutes, seconds
    • Automatic determination of which date/time is earlier vs later
    • Ability to swap the order of the date/time values
    • Support for time zones to enable time difference calculations across time zones
    • Options for formatting the display of the results

    Time Difference Formulas

    The Time & Date Difference Calculator uses standard time difference formulas to provide the results.

    The main formula is:

    Time Difference = End Date/Time – Start Date/Time

    The total number of days is calculated by:

    Total Days = Datediff(End Date, Start Date)

    The hours, minutes and seconds are determined using modules and integer division based on the total seconds between the two date/times.

    Use Cases

    Some examples of how the Time & Date Difference Calculator can be used include:

    • Calculating the time span between two events for scheduling purposes
    • Determining the travel time for trip planning
    • Converting between time zones
    • Figuring elapsed time for billing, timesheets, etc.
    • Finding ages based on birthdates
    • General time span calculations for deadlines, etc


    Key benefits of using the Time & Date Difference Calculator include:

    • Saves time over manual date/time math calculations
    • Eliminates errors that can occur with manual calculations
    • Handy tool for any situation requiring accurate time difference measurements
    • Easy to use with flexible inputs and clear result formatting
    • Free to use online calculator for convenient access

    Interesting Facts

    Some interesting facts about time differences and calculations:

    • The longest time span between two dates was over 32,000 days apart between the building of the Great Pyramid of Giza vs today.
    • The International Date Line allows for a time difference of 24 hours over a short distance.
    • Time differences factor heavily into coordination across time zones worldwide.
    • Correct time difference calculations are crucial for space travel and satellite operations.
    • The number of days between dates is not always whole due to variations in month lengths.
    • Daylight saving time transitions cause irregular time differences seasonally.


    The Time & Date Difference Calculator is a useful online tool for anyone needing to measure elapsed time spans accurately. It eliminates the errors and hassle of manual date/time math. With flexible inputs and clear outputs, it makes calculating time differences simple and fast for scheduling, travel, billing, age calculations, time zone conversions, and more.

    The easy access and intuitive interface of the calculator along with the importance of precise time measurements make it a valuable resource for both personal and professional applications.

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