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    The Troy Weight Conversion Calculator is a valuable tool that facilitates the conversion between different units of measurement within the Troy weight system. The Troy weight system is commonly used for weighing precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. This calculator is a useful resource for jewelers, bullion traders, and anyone involved in the buying, selling, or manufacturing of precious metals.

    Understanding Troy Weight

    Troy weight is a system of measurement that originated in the Roman monetary system and is still widely used today for weighing precious metals. Unlike the standard avoirdupois system used for everyday items, the Troy weight system is specifically tailored for precious metals. In this system, the pound is divided into 12 troy ounces, with each troy ounce further divided into 20 pennyweights (dwt) or 480 grains. The key units in the Troy weight system are as follows:

    • 1 Troy Pound (lb) = 12 Troy Ounces (oz)
    • 1 Troy Ounce (oz) = 20 Pennyweights (dwt)
    • 1 Troy Ounce (oz) = 480 Grains (gr)
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    Conversion Formulae

    The Troy Weight Conversion Calculator employs several simple formulae to convert between different units within the Troy weight system. Here are the main conversion formulae:

    Converting Troy Pounds to Troy Ounces

    • Troy Ounces (oz) = Troy Pounds (lb) × 12

    Converting Troy Ounces to Pennyweights

    • Pennyweights (dwt) = Troy Ounces (oz) × 20

    Converting Troy Ounces to Grains

    • Grains (gr) = Troy Ounces (oz) × 480

    Converting Pennyweights to Troy Ounces

    • Troy Ounces (oz) = Pennyweights (dwt) ÷ 20

    Converting Grains to Troy Ounces

    • Troy Ounces (oz) = Grains (gr) ÷ 480

    These formulae are essential for converting between different Troy weight units, allowing users to work with measurements that are specific to the precious metals industry.

    Example Calculations

    Let’s illustrate the use of the Troy Weight Conversion Calculator with some example calculations:

    Example 1:

    You have 3 Troy Pounds of gold and want to know how many Troy Ounces that is.

    • Troy Ounces (oz) = 3 × 12 = 36

    Example 2:

    You have 60 Troy Ounces of silver and want to convert it to Pennyweights.

    • Pennyweights (dwt) = 60 × 20 = 1200

    Example 3:

    You have 2400 Grains of platinum and need to convert it to Troy Ounces.

    • Troy Ounces (oz) = 2400 ÷ 480 = 5

    These examples demonstrate how the calculator simplifies complex conversions, making it a valuable tool for anyone working with precious metals.

    Real-World Use Cases

    The Troy Weight Conversion Calculator finds extensive applications in the precious metals industry:

    Jewelry Manufacturing:

    Jewelers need to calculate precise amounts of precious metals for crafting jewelry. This tool helps them convert between different Troy weight units, ensuring accurate measurements in their designs.

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    Bullion Trading:

    Traders in the bullion market frequently deal with varying units of Troy weight when buying and selling precious metals. The calculator streamlines these transactions, minimizing errors and discrepancies.

    Pawnshops and Appraisals:

    Pawnshop owners and appraisers use this calculator to determine the value of items brought in by customers. It enables quick conversions of Troy weight units for accurate pricing.

    Precious Metal Investment:

    Investors who purchase precious metals as an asset can use this calculator to keep track of their holdings in Troy weight units, helping them make informed investment decisions.


    The Troy Weight Conversion Calculator is a powerful tool that simplifies the conversion between different units within the Troy weight system. With its straightforward formulae and real-world applications, it serves as an indispensable resource for professionals in the precious metals industry, including jewelers, bullion traders, appraisers, and investors. By providing accurate and efficient conversions, this calculator enhances precision and confidence in dealing with precious metals, making it an essential asset in this specialized field.


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