How Long Does A Router Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: About Five Years

If one is looking for a router, there are many options to choose from. While all routers can be helpful in-home or office, their life spans vary drastically, and a router is used in home networks or small businesses. 

The average lifespan of some routers will only be two years; however, a good router can last up to 5 years without problems.

A router can be an essential tool for any business, but it’s also a costly one. It’s critical to know how long routers last before buying one so that one doesn’t have to replace it anytime soon.

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How Long Does A Router Last?

Router lasts forUp to 5 years
Good quality routers10 years

Usually, experts recommend getting a new router every couple of years as it will last for 5 years. Routers are designed to provide high-speed internet access and course the signals throughout the network. 

The average life of a router is 5 years, depending on use. The router is one of the essential gadgets to have, especially if one is working from home. The reason to update the router every 5 years stems from a lot of use. One may use a lot of devices in the house; this needs a much-needed upgrade

  1. A good router must have fantastic speed to take full advantage of the internet.
  2. If the connection keeps dropping randomly, then one needs to replace the router.
  3. The standard of routers today is 802.11n and 802.11ac to get good quality internet.
  4. Keep the routers in a dry environment out of direct sunlight to get extended life.
  5. Overused routers can quickly overheat and have other problems soon.

The lifespan of the device will depend on the quality, how it is used and maintained, as well as what kind of materials are being used within it. However, for example, routers made with an aluminum panel dipped in silver may last for 10 years, whereas their lifespan might be shortened to 5 years if made with polyester foam rubber. 

Keep in mind that the router’s age at any given time is relative to when one purchased or received said router- sometimes one might feel like the router has lasted too long because advancements in technology can make older devices seem outdated.

Why Would A Router Last So Long?

A typical router should last anywhere from five to ten years. However, the device is subjected to unpredictable interference, so its lifespan will largely depend on how well it is shielded. It also depends on household activities, which interfere with the transmission of signals coming through wireless routers. 

Additionally, factors such as distance between devices and network quality have some impact on how long a wireless network will last before needing restarting or replacement of components. At the end of their life cycle, routers are disruptive to any disruptive technology in general because they are outdated due to innovation. 

It’s also because routers are created for home use and office, so they work less than networking hardware is for business applications. When not under constant use, the chances of failure are lower. 

Plus, fewer components run all at once, which means less heat build-up and a longer lifespan.

For the same reason that most electronics last for a while before they fail. Consumers recognize that they can purchase a new piece of equipment when it breaks, and there is no need to buy another until it has ceased function.

Today there is a considerable variation in the life expectancy of routers, and it depends on the specs. Performance, number of features, their price, manufacturer – all those things change how long they last. 

Sometimes it is understandable why a router might not last so long because there are no advanced functions or security options and storage.


Routers are designed with three primary considerations in mind: connectivity, transmission speed, and Signal strength. The antenna will then pick up signals transmitted through airwaves or microwaves for use by someone far away.

Therefore it is essential to look after the router for it to last longer than 5 years. Sometimes people feel the need to replace it anyway due to technological advancements and new inventions with updated features.

Overall, the chances of repair are pretty low if the router is not under constant use. Therefore it all depends on how one chooses to use it and for how long.



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