How Long Does YesStyle Take To Ship (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Within 7 To 20 Days

YesStyle is a fashion e-commerce retail website under the company of YesAsia that was founded in 2006. The website was initially found by the famous Asian street stylist Joshua K. Lau.

The company initially started its business in Hong Kong but has expanded its reach to various global parts.

The products are available on the YesStyle website range from accessories, bags, watches, jewelry, apparel, and various other beauty and fashion products.

YesStyle targets buyers in the field of 18 to 35. The company started with all kinds of varieties for both men and women but soon expanded its customer reach to children and babies.

How Long Does YesStyle Take To Ship

How Long Does YesStyle Take To Ship?

YesStyle is widely popular for quality products and is one of the best online platforms for shopping. The company’s reach has grown exponentially over time and is loved by individuals of all age groups.

YesStyle has played a massive role in promoting Asian culture in different parts of the world. It was recognized as a leading caring company by the Hong Kong council of social Services.

YesStyle ships globally and is popular in many countries.


The main headquarters of YesStyle is located in Hong Kong. YesStyle keeps on adding new products, which attracts a vast customer base.

Customers are also allowed to write reviews about the product that they have purchased. Such a measure helps improve the transparency between the customers and the retailers as buyers can trust the quality of the product they are purchasing.

Shipping MethodTime Taken To Ship
ExpressFive days to two weeks
StandardTen days to three weeks

There are two options available for a customer to get the order shipped. The express shipping method is the most preferred one as it is the fastest and takes five days to two weeks to ship the order.

Comparatively, the Standard shipping method is slower and can take up to three weeks to ship the order. Although the standard method is slow, it is also cheaper.

If you are not worried about shipping time, you can opt for the standard method to save money.

Why Does It Take That Long For YesStyle To Ship?

Since YesStyle ships globally, the shipping procedure is not so simple. There are several hurdles that a shipping company faces while shipping an order.

One of the primary reasons is the restriction on certain products. Not all products are allowed to use in all parts of the world, and shipping might get canceled in such conditions.

However, the customer will get a refund in that case. The time required by the retailer to deliver the product to the shipping company also affects the overall shipping time.

YesStyle 2

But most of the companies have now created a chain of integrated supply platforms which has eased the overall shipping process. However, the customer must fill in the correct address to get the package delivered at the right time.

Another important factor in shipping is whether the product is available in the same country as the customer. In some cases, the retailer might belong to a country that is far from where the customer has placed the order.

For a successful shipping process, the transfer of the product must be highly synchronized. Since it is a chain process, disruption will cause a lot of time to resolve at any juncture.

In modern times, the customer is also given a tracking number that helps the buyer track the package online. If the buyer finds that the package is stuck at the same place for a very long time, they can immediately inquire about the same from the shipping company.

YesStyle Shipping

YesStyle also recruits designers from all around the globe, given their works are authentic and pleasing.


Finally, it can be concluded that YesStyle is one of the leading brand outlets worldwide, and their products are loved globally. YesStyle has products for kids, men, and women, and all age groups.

YesStyle ships globally. YesStyle has also played a significant role in expanding the subcontinent culture.

On average, it takes around seven to twenty days for the YesStyle package to get shipped. The delivery time primarily depends on whether the customer has opted for the express mode or the standard model.

The customers are also provided a tracking number for their package. Online methods have helped in reducing the shipping time significantly.


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