Difference Between ATX and Micro ATX (With Table)

Difference Between ATX and Micro ATX (With Table)

When shopping for computers, the majority don’t grasp that there are two common kind factors for desktops: ATX and Micro ATX, also commonly abbreviated as mATX or uATX. “ATX” stands for “Advanced Technology eXtended.” The associate degree was an improved version of the older AT issue. Micro ATX is one of the offshoots of ATX, and its primary distinction from most ATX issues is size. ATX retains a rectangular board size activity of 305mm. By 244mm. Micro ATX could be an additional even sq. that includes the 244mm. Breadth, however, cuts down the length to 61mm.

ATX vs Micro ATX

The main difference between ATX and Micro ATX is the reduced range of enlargement ports set on the lowest finish. Whereas ATX boards have five enlargement slots, Micro ATX has 3, with four being the most. Several board makers’ desegregation standard functions like sound, networking, and graphics can partly offset this. It’s common to check computers that don’t utilize the enlargement ports.

Difference Between ATX and Micro ATX

Every ATX Motherboard comes with four slots for RAM and up to seven PCIe enlargement slots. RAM is essential to building a modern laptop; however, individuals running exigent written material software systems employ all four slot area units. For the typical user, two slots area unit spare.

Whereas Micro ATX could be a minor kind issue, the identical breadth allowed it to retain most of the mounting points established by the ATX kind issue. This permits Micro ATX boards to suit associate degreed mount within an ATX chassis. With Micro ATX cases, the most focus could be reduced for a Micro footprint. This inhibits the utilization of associate degree ATX boards within a Micro ATX chassis.

Comparison Table Between ATX and Micro ATX

Parameters of ComparisonATXMicro ATX
Size and dimensionsATX board size are 305mm by 244mm. It’s larger than a Micro  ATXMicro ATX board size is 61mm by 244mm. it’s Micro than ATX
Shape    The ATX board is rectangular in formThe Micro ATX board is sq. in form.
Expansion slotsThe ATX board has five enlargement slots.The Micro ATX board has 3 enlargement slots.
Drive baysThe range of drive bays in an exceedingly ATX kind issue is over the Micro ATX kind issue.The quantity of drive bays in an exceedingly Micro ATX kind issue is a Micro amount than the ATX kind issue
InstallationAn ATX board can’t be put in in an exceedingly Micro ATX chassis.Micro ATX board is put in in associate degree ATX chassis.

What is ATX?

The Advanced Technology eXtended Motherboard (ATX) was fictitious in 1995. The associate degree has become a trade customary. ATX motherboard area unit is versatile enough to accommodate each casual and hardcore user.

The enlargement capability makes the ATX board the proper issue for laptop users. UN agencies wish to confirm they’ll never be caught in an associate degree inconvenient state of affairs because of a scarcity of area. For the typical user, an associate degree ATX board can invariably have a spare place for added memory, storage, and PCIe cards once required.

As for the PCIe slots, they’re wont to introduce external hardware to feature laptops’ capabilities. These embody Wi-Fi cards, graphics cards, local area network cards, and capture cards, to name a few.

Additionally, the typical ATX board has additional M.2 and SATA ports than minor ATX variants. M.2 and SATA ports area units used for storage, which implies PCs that require to store over 2TBs price of knowledge at associate degree given time might want to travel with an ATX board for simply putting in additional storage once required.

What is Micro ATX?

Micro ATX motherboards were introduced in 1997, 2 years after the invention of the ATX kind issue. This motherboard took the ATX style and shrunk it because the name suggests. The Micro-ATX measures in at nine. Six inches by nine.6 inches, whereas the ATX board measures twelve inches by nine.6 inches.

The Micro-ATX has fewer SATA ports and M.2 slots than the associate degree ATX variant, creating a worse selection for users. UN agency would like a great deal of storage. Because of its Micro size, a micro-ATX board can solely have most of the 4 PCIe enlargement slots. The Micro-ATX offers a lower price than the ATX motherboard to atone for these downgrades.

As for pure benefits over the ATX, Micro-ATX takes up less area and might be employed in a minor laptop case. The Micro ATX  kind makes the typical cooling and flow setup additional economical. Micro-ATX motherboards also slot in minor, cheaper issues, whereas the appropriate PSUs are more cost-effective because of lower power demand. All of this is to mention that the Micro-ATX makes a laptop much more budget-friendly than the associate degree ATX board.

The saved area is nothing to scoff at, either. The dimensions of Micro-ATX compatible cases take up the least area, which is ideal for those with restricted space. These cases make traveling with your laptop much more convenient than with a lifesize case with an everyday ATX motherboard within.

Main Differences Between ATX and Micro-ATX

  1. ATX is larger than Micro ATX.
  2. ATX boards have additional enlargement slots than Micro ATX boards.
  3. Micro ATX board is put in an associate degree ATX chassis; however, not the opposite means around.
  4. A Micro ATX chassis has fewer drive bays than an associate degree ATX chassis
  5.   A Micro ATX board is put in an associate degree ATX chassis; however, the opposite means isn’t around isn’t doable.


The most used motherboards are ATX and Micro ATX. The ATX format was developed in 1995, and the Micro ATX format was created in 1997. They each have different shapes and sizes. The ATX board size is 305mm by 244mm, and it’s rectangular, whereas the Micro ATX board size is 61mm by 244mm, and it’s sq. in form. Also, the quantity of enlargement slots is different in each of them.

The ATX board has five enlargement slots, whereas the Micro ATX board has only three. The drive bays within the ATX kind issue area unit are more in range than those within the Micro ATX issue. There are several upgrades to the newer models of the ATX board, just like the ports within the more contemporary models area unit organized, so there’s no overlapping.

Also, the I/O ports area unit combination was upgraded on the port’s edges, and the range of drive bay area units increased. Just in the case of the Micro ATX board, their area unit is solely a restricted range of slots gift, and it is exclusively swollen to most of the four slots. Several peripherals area units were integrated to make up for this limitation.


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