How Long Do IPads Last (And Why)?

How Long Do IPads Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 4-5 Years

Many of you might have noticed that your iPad has become noticeably heavier recently. Many people are no longer impressed by the once-sleek design. Also, there isn’t a lot of variety in terms of apps.

Digital devices, however, are not indestructible. Several red indicators indicate it’s time to retire your old model and replace it, even though they don’t have a set expiration date. Knowing the symptoms that your iPad needs to be replaced will help you get the most out of your smart gadget. Many of you might want to know about the lifespan of an iPad. 

How Long Do IPads Last

How Long Do IPads Last?

Level Of UsageLife Of IPad
More2-3 Years
Less5 Years

We know that many people are unaware of the life of iPads, but it is not that easy to know according to us. If you don’t use your iPad much, it means that your iPad will have a long life. Not just this, it leads to a better battery life. There are various difficulties that you might face with the operating system. Not just this, some people find issues in their software, storage, and hardware as well.

If you have an iPad that is around 6 years old, it is normal to face difficulties with it. But, it is not necessary as some of you might not find any problem even after 6-7 years. It happens sometimes that you don’t remember about the purchase date of your iPad. But, it is necessary for you to know the model so that you can make further decisions. 

All operating systems must be updated regularly because the updates add all new features. The operating system for the iPad which is called iPadOS is no exception. You should know that an old iPad is not capable of having the latest version of iPadOS. This further keeps you away from important security updates.

We know that it is normal for all things to expire at some point in time. Especially when we talk about gadgets and technical products, they start wearing out with time. If we look at iPads, you can expect your iPad to work well for around 4 or 5 years. After 5 years, you will begin to see issues with your iPads. 

Why Do IPads Last That Long?

We know that getting a beautiful new shiny iPad can make your day so much more exciting. However, an iPad or any other device, for that matter, will not endure indefinitely.

While this isn’t a long time, some techniques can help you protect and extend the life of your iPad. The most important thing that you should keep in mind is that the hardware and software of your iPad must be in good working order. If you don’t want to shorten the life of your iPad, you should avoid doing two things.

To begin, disable notifications for apps you don’t use frequently. Some of those notifications may go unnoticed since they are unrelated to the information you want to receive. Some apps use these notifications to promote features rather than provide you with important updates. The battery life of your iPad may be drained by these notifications.

Two, if you’re one of those people who always forgets their iPad in the car, this is something to keep in mind. The temperature of your iPad’s surroundings has a big impact on how long it lasts. It cannot be left in extreme cold or extreme heat. If you do this a lot, your iPad will eventually die. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that it is important to keep your iPad up to date.


Apple releases software upgrades, and your iPad will tell you when one is available. Not only are these updates given to correct bugs, but they also improve the general speed of your device. Furthermore, they occasionally include new features that you may find useful and that make your life easier.

If you truly want your iPad to last as long as possible, uninstall unused apps once or twice a month. This keeps your iPad from becoming sluggish and slow, leading you to believe it is about to die. If you’re prone to forgetfulness, set a reminder to delete unused apps regularly.


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