Difference Between E-Ticket and I-Ticket (With Table)

Difference Between E-Ticket and I-Ticket (With Table)

The evolving world emerges on a newer level daily, as does the fast-paced life of humans and their needs. With each needs keeping the individuals on their toes to attain them, it becomes inevitable to render the fulfilling efforts to compete for those essentials in life.

Hence, the usage of tickets appeared, for travelling is a hugely significant part of life. Be it for leisure and relaxing trips with family and friends, or professional and business trips with colleagues; it is an indisputable fact to say travelling plays a major role. So, knowing about ticket booking comes in handy. And further, understanding the difference between the E-Ticket and I-Ticket would pay off when the time of need occurs.

E-Ticket vs I-Ticket

The main difference between E-Tickets and I-Tickets is that tickets should be booked online specifically for E-Tickets, but for I-Tickets, it can be booked either at the reservation centre or through the Internet.

E Ticket vs I Ticket

E-Tickets are paperless, as the name suggests, they are booked online with the help of electronic devices such as laptops and mobile phones. The payment for an E-Ticket is also done through online techniques. With the support of the general notion, an E-Ticket is deemed to be an easier option when it comes to booking tickets. The crucial feature of the online procedure while booking an E-Ticket makes it less time-consuming.

I-Ticket is yet another means of ticket booking. Unlike an E-Ticket, an I-Ticket is a paper ticket issued from the railway counter or any reservation centre. I-Ticket is a normal ticket with the name of the counter ticket as well. As a part of the procedure to book an I-Ticket, it is also booked through the Internet.

Comparison Table Between E-ticket and I-ticket

Parameters of comparisonE-TicketI-Ticket
Expansion of the termElectronic ticket.Internet ticket
Mode to book the ticketsIt is mandatory to book only through online methods, and once the procedure is done, online payment has to be done.It can be booked through the internet as well as booked at the railway station where the reservation office for booking tickets is located.
Confirmation of ticketsThe reserved ticket confirmation will be sent through the email registered while booking tickets.The confirmation of the ticket and the paper form of the ticket will be sent to the home address within few hours.
SignificanceIt can be booked and used on the same day without a prior need to book.Prior booking of at least two to three days must be done.
ShortcomingsOnce the received email with the details of the E-ticket is deleted or lost, it becomes hard to retrieve the same.To cancel the booking of tickets, it is indispensable to go to the particular counter and pay a higher cancellation charge.

What is E-ticket?

An E-ticket is an electronic ticket delivered as a paperless ticket, as an email. E-ticket is one of the methods of ticket entry used by numerous people, owing to its tremendous convenience to the customers.

It is much simpler to book online as the payment would be done through the same online means as the other form of ticket booking. People with the time constriction would prefer this procedure to save the time.

Paper tickets and I-tickets are still in use among many, but some airlines would consider charging an extra fee for issuing paper tickets. Hence, an E-ticket would save that trouble.

Moreover, an E-ticket is used to book travel by train and aeroplane. In addition to it, it is utilized to book tickets for concerts and other entertainment purposes.

It is essential to carry identification proof of a traveller when using an E-ticket, to prove that the person who booked the ticket is the same person who is travelling. This won’t be a hassle since travellers keep their identification proof like a license.

Easy to book and carry all the time, an E-ticket would be a convenient method to book tickets.

What is I-ticket?

I-ticket, an internet ticket, is booked either at the railway counter or through the Internet. The payment can be made using cash or a card at the railway counter. The ticket will be sent to the home address through the courier, but the extra charge has to be paid by the courier.

Hence, an I-ticket is more expensive than an E-ticket. Yet, that didn’t deter people from using this method to book tickets.

I-ticket is a paper ticket that must be reserved a few days before the travelling day. Recently, Indian Railways created the rule not to issue any tickets if the passengers don’t provide their full address and pin code.

Due to some emergency or any other reason, if the cancellation has been made, the traveller has to travel back to the railway counter or any place where the reservation is made to cancel the ticket. Along with travelling, the person has to pay a considerably higher cancellation charge, which is considered quite a setback.

Similarly, to modify any details about the passenger on the paper ticket, I-ticket users must travel to the reservation counter and fill out the forms to change the details according to their needs. This might be regarded as one of the major limitations of the I-ticket usage.

Main Differences Between E-Ticket and I-Ticket

  1. E-Ticket has the speed and potential that I-ticket doesn’t possess enough.
  2. E-Ticket is considered easier to carry and will not be lost since the passengers mostly possess their phone and keep them safe with them almost all the time.
  3. There is no need to look for identification proof to render if an I-ticket is used.
  4. E-ticket is easier to cancel with a comparatively lesser cancellation fee to pay.
  5. E-ticket users will avoid the trouble of being at home to receive the I-Ticket when the courier is sent.
  6. E-ticket users will avoid the trouble of being at home to receive the I-Ticket when the courier is sent.


Despite the shortcomings here and there, I-ticket is still used widely among people for its sake. E-tickets have the advantages of the short time needed to book online along with the lesser money required to spend. Regardless of the factors determining the pros and cons of E-ticket and I-ticket, they both are straightforward to book tickets.

Yet, technology has grown to a peak and is still reaching its height. Hence, it is only applicable to grow along with it to keep up with the current reality and trends. E-tickets are booked at home with quiet leisure. Time is irreversible and very valuable. If E-tickets are an opportunity to book tickets more easily and earlier, it is another reminder to dive into creating similar and very beneficial technologies.


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