How Long After 2nd Puppy Vaccination UK (And Why)?

How Long After 2nd Puppy Vaccination UK (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Two weeks

Vaccination plays an important role in everyone’s life including puppies. They are vaccinated at six and eight weeks with the first dose and usually, after two to three weeks, the second dose is injected. By keeping track of the schedule, you could afford your puppy a well-balanced life and also could take care of the future date for immunity booster.

Generally, puppies are safe for six weeks as antibodies are passed from their mother’s milk. After the initial vaccination, depending on the diseases and situations, you have to visit vets for a third vaccine. Vaccination prevents the puppy from various diseases like parvovirus, hepatitis, and distemper.

How Long After 2nd Puppy Vaccination UK

How Long After Second Puppy Vaccination UK?

Generally, it is not good to take your puppies out for a play or a walk if they are not fully vaccinated. It does not only harm your puppy but easily could spread to others too. Vaccination protects against these risky threats. Even, it is not recommended to take your puppies out immediately after the second vaccination, because they will be not being protected until two weeks after the second vaccination.

Puppies do not have any restrictions after the two weeks of vaccination. Doctors recommend taking kennel cough vaccination for those, who use to stay in kennels or who come in touch with many other dogs at playground, park, or in any classes, which are very much popular today. The puppy is vaccinated at its 8th week because puppies have a significant level of protected antibodies that stay in them until the 6th or 7th week and protect them from various diseases.

They are inherited from their mother’s milk. Complete vaccination course consists of two vaccinations, but depending on the circumstances, few puppies require three vaccinations to gain complete immunity. Your vet might recommend third vaccination when there is no history of vaccination. Once your puppy is vaccinated, it can meet other dogs too whenever required, but special care has to be taken until it reaches a particular age.

The cost of vaccination is also effective and relies on the type of vaccine. But this cost would be less than the cost of treatment when your puppy is affected by any diseases. You will be provided with a schedule to be updated, as vaccination may last from several months to years and a booster is required to regain it.

Puppy Vaccination
Number of VaccinationAge of Puppy
Firstsix to eight weeks
Second10 weeks
Third (If needed)15 weeks

Why Does It Take That Long After Second Vaccination?

Puppies tend to get the diseases sooner than adult dogs. This is why vets recommend not taking puppies for outdoor activities until immunity is developed after the vaccination. Owners might think that puppies gain complete immunity immediately after the second vaccination, but the fact is it takes longer to produce the needed antibody by the system.

Vaccination is nothing but, through the injection, a small amount of killed vaccine is introduced into the body of the puppy through which cells are stimulated and respond when attacked with the virus. These vaccines also protect from different types of infections which is contagious. Your puppies are safe and prevented from the threatening outdoor diseases called parvovirus, which is highly dangerous and affects a lot.

It may also lead to death in few unknown cases. Puppies which are not vaccinated are most prone to parvovirus. It is even rare to determine whether other dogs are vaccinated, so it is necessary to restrict outdoor even after two weeks of the second vaccination. Contagious diseases of puppies or dogs do not only spread through direct contact, as the viruses could be on the soil for longer days which is enough to spread the diseases.

Puppy Vaccination

If your puppy shows the symptoms of dangerous parvovirus, take the necessary steps soon to prevent it. Because of the safety measures upgraded in the UK, few vaccines have been reduced. Like human beings, side effects like itchiness, rashes, and swelling occurs in puppies too. These recover within 3-4 days. In very rare cases, there is a chance of anaphylactic shock.


However, if you are sure of taking complete care of your puppy, you could take them out with you or for any trips until they are vaccinated. It is effective to make your puppies get habituated to their environment as early as possible, which would be useful. When you are taking your puppy for their first outdoor trip, always make sure to give a comfortable surrounding.

It is also useful when you interact with your puppies earlier. After 14-16 days of second vaccination, take them for a walk, allow them to play in the park whenever possible, and let them interact with other puppies, which will give them enough confidence and could lead a happy life as an adult.


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