How Long After Mating Can A Dog Be Pregnant (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 weeks

Pregnancy in dogs is completely different as compared to pregnancy in human beings. For pet owners and vets alike, confirming it is a big task altogether. Though mating can take place at any age, there are specific criteria to decide whether the dog is actually pregnant or not.

The wait can be a restless one as a lot more follows a confirmed pregnancy. A number of confirmatory tests are available these days. In case the existence is ruled out completely, the dog should be tested right away. They need a lot of extra care as well.

How Long After Mating Can A Dog Be Pregnant

How Long After Mating Can A Dog Be Pregnant?

Pregnancies in dogs are of two main types – normal pregnancy and phantom pregnancy. The conditions associated with these two types contribute to the time that is lapsed in determining whether the respective dog is pregnant or not. In the case of successful mating, the condition can be easily detected within fourteen days from the day of copulation.

The determination is based on a lot of underlying factors. As far as phantom pregnancy is concerned, there is no need to worry. It cannot be ruled out unless four weeks have elapsed. In the latter case, the confirmatory test works in the opposite manner.

If the dog is not declared pregnant even after three weeks, chances of conceiving are low, if not negligible. The duration is extended if the dog is taking any medication for allergies or other unrelated ailments. In case the female dog is infertile, the test is not worth the wait at all.

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There are separate determining factors for the same. Though imaging is possible early on as well, it is of no use if a considerable amount of time has not lapsed. Fertilization takes place ultimately due to a lapse of time.

If pregnancy has to be prevented, this duration has a key role to play. Once the test is confirmed, the process becomes much more complicated. Therefore, it is advisable to stay vigilant as soon as early signs become visible, including discharge. 


In summary:

Successful pregnancy2 weeks
Phantom pregnancy1 month

Why Can A Dog Be Pregnant So Long After Mating?

One cannot simply go by a fixed routine as far as dog pregnancy is concerned. The first step is successful mating else detection would be late and chances of conceiving would also drop down to a considerable extent. This is one of the main reasons for causing a delay in detection and fertilization.

The success rate does not depend upon the number of times the dogs have intercourse, but the completion of one full cycle. Hybridization techniques that work by placing an externally fertilized egg inside the female dog turn out to be much more reliable and quick.

For quick detection, the pet owners must keep a track of the early signs which include vaginal discharge, the apparent change in mood accompanied by major mood swings, and changes in eating habits. Another factor that contributes to the delay is the health of the female dog.


In underweight dogs, conception takes a longer time to take place, even after successful rounds of mating. The role of the male dog is lesser as compared to the female one, but it cannot be ruled out altogether. Copulation conditions also determine whether pregnancy can be detected using external techniques or there needs to be a physical examination.

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Frequent visits to the vet can also help since the health quotient is also an important facet in this case. As soon as pregnancy is concerned, the decision should be quick enough so as to prevent any other health hazard in future. 


The duration between mating and confirmed pregnancy might deflect a lot based on environmental as well as internal factors. Such instances matter a lot if the mating is done for a specific purpose. Hybridization also needs the special attention of the vets.

As far as exclusive breeds are concerned, pregnancy is too complicated at times. For a better experience, vets recommend maintaining optimum health conditions. Giving birth is a special process altogether and dogs too have minor fluctuations in their internal mechanisms following the same.



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