How Long Will My Puppy Poop Worms After Deworming (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 4 days

Deworming process is a great help for the puppy to stay away from parasites. The puppy owner can do the deworming process for the puppy staying at home with very few steps. After the beginning of the deworming process, the puppy would start pooping the worms out of the body. The pooping worms’ process would continue for up to 3 days.

Some puppies may take around 7 days to clear the worms through excretion. These pesky parasites (worms) can have difficulties for the health of the puppies and it’s vital to remove them from the puppy’s body.

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How Long Will My Puppy Poop Worms After Deworming?

Deworming Process In Puppy How Long Will My Puppy Poop Worms After Deworming
Minimum days (for clearing the worms)2 days
Maximum days (for clearing the worms)7 days

There is a huge chance of puppies getting the worms from their mothers. Some puppy mothers can transfer the worms to the puppy while feeding them the milk. The nursing stage of the puppy is a difficult stage for the puppies as the chances of worm transmission are huge in the nursing stage. It should be handled with utmost care.

The deworming process is done on the puppy in different stages and intervals. In some puppies, the deworming process’ effects would start after 3 hours (of administration). The effects of the deworming process are mainly seen in paralyzing or dissolving the worms.
These worms, after being paralyzed or dissolved would get out of the puppy’s body through the intestinal tract.

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The puppy has to take the deworming dosage at an early age, and the vet would prescribe the deworming dosage. The puppy can have worms inside the body since its birth. These worms inside the puppy can also come out through vomiting. All the worms take some time to get cleared from the puppy’s body as they can’t get out in a one-time bowel movement.

Worm infestation would require a few days to be treated. The deworming process depends on the parasite accumulation in the intestine. Not all the puppies would have the same deworming time as the number of worms and the intensity of infection varies in all the puppies.

Why Will My Puppy Poop Worms For This Long After Deworming?

The whole process of deworming emphasizes removing the harmful parasites from the body of the puppy. After the vet confirms the worms, then the dosage would start for the puppy’s deworming process. The puppies may have tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms. Basically, these worms live inside the intestine (wall) of the puppies.

The vet would recommend the owner to give the required dosage to the puppies according to the type of worms present inside the puppy’s body. Anemia can be a repercussion of worm infection in puppies. The worms such as hookworms will soak (or drain) the blood from the intestine’s wall of the puppy. This will call for more blood requirements for the puppies.

The worms will not hatch at the same time and therefore, the puppy has to take a few dosages of deworming. The first stage (of deworming) would act effectively in killing and clearing out the present worms in the intestine’s wall. In the second round, all the newly hatched worms would be paralyzed or dissolved by the dosage.

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The dosage of deworming is mainly taken in the form of tablets or shots (through injection).


Some of the symptoms of worm infestation in puppies are weakness, inflammation (bloating), weight loss, and food craving. Some puppies are asymptomatic and would not show any symptoms of worm infestation. The medications for worms infestation come with a broader scope and works effectively against many kinds of worms.

The puppies are supposed to go through the deworming medications for three months. The vet may ask for more dosages of deworming medicines if the puppy is infected with the worms after 3 months.


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