How Long After BBL Can You Sit (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 to 8 weeks

Plastic surgery is one of the fastest-growing areas of elective medicine. It has helped change the lives of millions of men and women around the world. BBL is one specific kind of cosmetic surgery.  The abbreviation stands for the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery.



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BBL is often used to augment the size of an individual’s buttock by injecting the tissue with fat from the same individual’s body. Various notable plastic surgeons perform this procedure across the world. Although the surgery itself is a relatively short procedure, the recovery time is considerably longer as the patient is not allowed to sit until he or she is completely recovered.

How Long After BBL Can You Sit

How Long After BBL Can You Sit?

Much like all other medical procedures and surgeries, the BBL procedure also comes with its own set of risks and challenges. One of the most prominent challenges with regard to the procedure corresponds to the possibility of the patient to sit up. Most doctors do not allow BBL patients to sit until they have healed completely.

Generally, the recovery time stipulated for BBL patients can range from 2 to 8 weeks. Some doctors may instruct their patients to sit within a minimum period of 2 weeks. Some others postulate rest for at least 8 weeks. This helps the patient’s body recuperate and adjust to the changes introduced by the surgery. There are also doctors who select the middle path and advise patients to refrain from sitting for at least 6 weeks.

A compression garment is prescribed to such patients to make them comfortable after the liposuction procedure. They are also given BBL pillows that help reduce the buildup of stress and tension on the operated areas. However, when the patient is using these prescribed medical aids, they are not allowed to sit. They can only sit after being cleared by the doctor. Moreover, they can also be weaned off these aids once this milestone is achieved.

It is important to cognize their post-surgical protocols for each patient will vary according to the medical evaluation of the individual by the physician. Thus, this time frame of recovery remains a spectrum and not a definitive number. Each individual’s body heals and responds differently to the medications that are prescribed as well as the overall procedure.

In Summary:

BBL SurgeryTime Before Sitting is Allowed
Doctor’s Recommendation2 to 6 weeks

Why Does It Take This Long To Sit After BBL?

BBL procedure is performed by injecting fat cells that are extracted from the abdomen of the concerned individual. Liposuction helps extract these cells, which are then introduced into the areas selected for the surgery. The idea is that the abdominal fat cells that absorb fatty acid will continue to do so when injected into the buttocks of the patient.

According to plastic surgeons, blood flow needs to be reestablished in these fat cells. They can only survive the procedure and become viable if the blood supply is maintained after the transfer. This is the primary reason why most doctors advise patients to refrain from applying pressure on the region injected with the cells.

Those patients that fail to adhere to the post-operative protocols risk losing these cells. These fat cells can get reabsorbed into the body if any pressure is applied to the region within at least 2 weeks of the surgery. Direct pressure is detrimental to their survival and will inevitably compromise the results and longevity of the BBL procedure.

Doctors often recommend that the BBL patient sleeps on his or her stomach to alleviate excess pressure from the operated region. The fact of the matter remains that patients who refrain from putting excess pressure on their buttocks after the BBL procedure retain the desired shape for much longer than those who violate post-operative protocol and insist on sitting. 

It is equally seminal to cognize that this is also a major surgical procedure and the patient’s body needs time to heal and recuperate much like other surgeries. Thus, it will take some time to overcome the pain of the procedure as well as conductively adjust to the injected fat cells.


BBL is a surgical procedure that is performed by plastic surgeons to enhance the shape and size of an individual’s buttocks. Since the surgery is performed by injecting fat cells that are extracted from the body of the patient, he or she needs some time to heal and recover before sitting down.

The region of operation makes sitting tricky. Moreover, without proper care, there remains the possibility of these fat cells being reabsorbed by the body. If this happens then the procedure is deemed a failed operation. To ensure that blood supply to the cells is maintained, the patient has to refrain from putting pressure on the region for at least 2 to 8 weeks.


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