How Long After Applying Serum To Apply Moisturizer (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Five Minutes

A moisturizer also termed emollient, is a type of cosmetic preparation which helps protect, lubricating, and moisturize the skin. Emollient is derived from the Latin word Mollie, which generally means to soften up. Moisturizer is applied for achieving healthy skin, which looks more natural and vibrant.

Moisturizers are prevalent in all parts of the world and are more trendy in females. Anciently, people present in the Greeks used several herbs and creams to achieve a moisturizer. Moisturizers were first invented in the 1870s somewhere in America. It is one of the most selling cosmetics in the world.

How Long After Applying Serum To Apply Moisturizer

How Long After Applying Serum To Apply Moisturizer?

The primary mechanism of action of a moisturizer is that the human body tends to remove water from the body through evaporation from the layers present inside the skin. This effect is medically termed as Transepidermal Water Loss or TEWL. The body’s water content is removed to maintain a dry and easily shed surface that serves as a barrier against dirt, pathogens, and damage. It is done so that the skin doesn’t become rigid and brittle. The amount of moisture retained by the skin depends on the lipid layers present between the corneocytes.

Moisturizers help modify the water loss rate, and there are mainly two active ingredients present in a moisturizer known as Humectants and Occlusives. The primary function of occlusives is to coat the skin’s surface with a layer that doesn’t allow the moisture to escape from the body. In contrast, Humectants help absorb water, and thus they maintain the moisture of the skin. They absorb the water that is present in the surroundings and help in moisturizing the skin. However, they only work when there are humid conditions in the environment.

EventTime Gap
Application of moisturizer after the serumFive minutes
Sun exposure after applying moisturizerTen minutes

Moisturizers are applied so that there is no water loss from the skin. They are applied to the skin gently. Moisturizer must be applied two to five minutes after applying the moisturizer. After applying moisturizer, an individual must wait for ten minutes before going out in the sun.

Why Does It Take That Long After Serum To Apply Moisturizer?

Serums protect the skin from getting affected by sunlight. Serums can be classified into two types, namely physical serums and chemical serums. Physical serums include titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, whereas chemical serums have UV organic filters, which help absorb UV rays from the sunlight. Serums help prevent cancer as sunlight contains UV radiation, harming the skin cell and cause skin cancer.

It takes that long to apply moisturizer after serum because of the chemical composition from which moisturizer and serums are composed. If we apply moisturizer immediately after applying serum, the contents of both of them will be mixed. In such a case, the contents of the moisturizer will be diluted, and it won’t be possible for the cream to protect the skin from getting affected. If a person wants to go out in the sun for a long time and doesn’t want some part of the body to become dark, they must apply moisturizer after serum.


There are several side effects of applying moisturizer on the skin. It must be ensured that the skin doesn’t get over-moisturized as it will damage the skin. Some people also complain of allergies in the skin, which can be irritating, and they might need medical assistance. Moisturizers also contain paraffin which might catch fire, so the moisturizer should be kept away from fire. In case any medical issues are faced, then the person must seek medical guidance immediately.


Finally, it can be concluded that moisturizers are used to moisturize the skin to dry up properly. Moisturizer is made up of two active ingredients, out of which one is useful for not allowing the moisture to escape from the skin and the other one helps absorb the moisture from the surroundings.

On average, moisturizers should be applied five minutes after applying serum as if both of them are applied together. It will lead to dilution of the moisturizing contents, and it won’t be effective for the skin. After moisturizer is applied, a person must wait for ten minutes to go out in the sun. In case of any side effects or allergies, it is crucial to consult a medical practitioner.


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