How Long After Ativan Can I Take Ambien (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Eight Hours

Ambien is a sedative drug that is specially prescribed for patients who face sleeping problems like insomnia. It acts as a sedative by providing peace to the inconstant mind. It should be taken on an empty stomach but not after a heavy meal. Ambien has a half-life of two hours.

Ambien is beneficial for patients who cannot get peaceful sleep for about eight hours and face unnecessary consequences due to insufficient sleep. Younger people tend to have a faster metabolism to get rid of the drug quicker than middle-aged people. Once Ambien leaves the blood, a person should not feel the effects of the drug anymore.

How Long After Ativan Can I Take Ambien

How Long After Ativan Can I Take Ambien?

The maximum dosage of Ambien prescribed for an individual is ten milligrams in a day. The dosage, especially in the case of women, should be increased only after medical prescription. Women and senior citizens are prescribed lower dosages to avoid unnecessary health issues. A sudden stop in the intake of this drug may lead to withdrawal symptoms like vomiting, muscle cramps, nervousness, and others. So, the dosage should be reduced gradually and not immediately.

Ativan is a kind of opioid that doctors prescribe as pain relievers in case of severe pain. It is specially prescribed to get relief from post-surgery pain and severe diseases like cancer. Like other pain relievers, it functions by connecting to the opioid receptors present in the brain, forcing them to stop exchanging pain signals between the brain and the concerned motor organ. This process even enhances the functioning of the two most important neurotransmitters of the brain who even participate in pain perception.

EventsInformation Regarding The Events
Onset Of AtivanTwenty minutes
Time After Ativan For AmbienEight hours

It is advised not to consume Ativan and Ambien together due to adverse side effects. The onset of Ativan starts after twenty minutes of intake. Ambien is only allowed to be consumed after a time gap of eight hours of Ativan. If both the drugs are taken together, then the patient must be taken to a doctor.

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Why Does It Take That Long After Ativan To Take Ambien?

The tablets are proven as the most effective form of Ativan. They start showing their effects within twenty minutes of their consumption and stay effective for about six hours. There are various doses of Ativan depending on the amount and severity of pain. The forms which take a longer time to show effects last up to a longer time, preferably up to twenty-four hours. The dosage of the drug is prescribed according to the severity of the pain. It stays detectable in the saliva for up to thirty-six hours of consumption and in blood for up to forty-eight hours of consumption.

Intake of drugs, like Ativan and Ambien, can interfere with the intake of other medicines. Hence, before taking the drug, one should consult the doctor, informing him about the other medicines he or she is taking along with the concerned drug. If both of them are taken together, they may interfere with the dosage of one another, thereby leading to the seizure of the body. Intake of antifungal drugs and inhibitors may even interfere with the dosage of drugs and should be taken care of only after a prescription by a doctor.


It is not allowed to take both drugs together because of the medical composition of both of them. A sudden surge in the intake of these drugs may lead to withdrawal symptoms like vomiting, muscle cramps, nervousness, and others. So, the dosage should be regulated, and it must be ensured that both drugs are not present simultaneously.

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Overall, it can be concluded that a low dosage of Ativan is preferred because the functioning of organs like the liver and kidney is not proper at such age, thereby leading to the deposition of the drug. In senior citizens, the dosage prescribed is low, and the maximum intake should be three hundred milligrams in twenty-four hours.

On average, a person must wait eight hours after Ativan to take Ambien. There are several disadvantages of taking both drugs. Its addiction may lead to withdrawal symptoms which, if not cured, may even lead to death. The breathing rate is even lowered after the intake of both drugs simultaneously.


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