How Long After Bankruptcy Can I Get A Car Loan (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Two To Three Months

Bankruptcy is a term used to refer to a condition in which individuals who are unable to pay their debts and previous loans seek relief by giving some of their goods and entities and are not asked to pay all the debts. Judges mainly impose bankruptcy in a court order, and the debtor initiates other works.

In most cases, if you have opted for the filing approach to remove all your debts, then there are some limits as to when you can file for it again. In case you have used Chapter seven bankruptcy specifically to discharge your debts in the past, then you have to wait for at least eight years before you could file for another Chapter seven case again.

How Long After Bankruptcy Can I Get A Car Loan

How Long After Bankruptcy Can I Get A Car Loan?

Bankruptcy is one of the causes of the downfall of a person’s career or for a company. Suppose a company or an organization goes bankrupt. The company would have to shut down because it is in massive debt that it cannot manage to proceed with its daily business. It is essential to manage finances properly, and you should invest the right amount at the right place. People make mistakes when it comes to managing their finances, and thus they are left out with limited options when they face some monetary problems or issues in the future.

Going bankrupt is said to be one of the worst nightmares of a human being. Despite many efforts here and there, the final declaration of such a scenario is sure to have an apparent effect on future purchases. The overall process is a bit complicated, but going completely bankrupt does not imply bleak prospects. The wait depends on the mode of purchase the person intends to make. Car sellers have strict policies related to this type of buying. On the other hand, once a person is declared bankrupt, the tag remains for a long time.

EventsInformation About The Event
Time to Get A LoanTwo to three months
Time to Get A Car After The LoanFour months

Car loans are provided after two to three months from bankruptcy, and after submitting all the documents, the car can be purchased in four months.

Why Does It Take That Long After Bankruptcy To Get A Car Loan?

Several legal and economic reasons cause the delay in making car purchases. Firstly, filing for bankruptcy brings a lot of nuances related to a bad credit score. After bankruptcy, one must begin with the basics. Since all these activities progress based on set parameters and have many steps to embark on, they are sure to consume a considerable amount of time. Other causes of delay include the plea for interest rates. In most countries worldwide, it is a pretty common occurrence that interest rates begin to skyrocket for people who have partially or fully recovered from bankruptcy in the recent past.

Most banks don’t want to give a loan because they feel that the person might not pay the money bank. As they are bankrupt, most of the assets are also gone, so the bank officials feel that they won’t be able to take possession of any assets. However, if the person has a constant source of income, then a loan is provided.


There have been instances when security is also needed. If the person has not communicated the fact to trusted people before this, ensuring security will take some time. This, in turn, might ultimately extend the period leading to a delay in making the final purchase.


Overall, it can be concluded that bankruptcy conditions are enough to prove that it is not impossible to live freely after the period of bankruptcy has subsided away. Luxurious indulgences like purchasing a car might turn out to be necessities at times. Whatever be the case, careful speculation of interest rates and adequate legal help will surely cut through.

On average, a person is given a car loan in two to three months after getting bankrupt if the source of income is constant. Bankers can easily guide through the process efficiently. Instead of repenting over the past happenings, the person must focus on the future and try to make the transactions as swift and streamlined as possible.


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