How Long After BBL Can You Workout (And Why)?

How Long After BBL Can You Workout (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 4 – 6 weeks

BBL or a Brazilian butt lift surgery is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries out there. It enables men and women who undergo the procedure to attain the buttocks that they prefer. The procedure helps increase the size of the butt, along with sculpting it the way you want.

It can help one become confident with their body and allow them to wear whatever clothes that they wish to, without any hesitation. To enjoy a quick and successful recovery, along with effective results, you must make sure to thoroughly follow the doctor’s instructions after surgery, including diet, exercise, and more.

How Long After BBL Can You Workout

How Long After BBL Can You Workout?

Light to moderate exercise4 – 6 weeks after surgery
Strenuous exercise2 – 3 months after surgery

Most people will tend to rush into working out as soon as they undergo the Brazilian butt lift surgery because they think that it will help enhance the effects of the surgery, but this is untrue and highly not recommended. There are important post-operative guidelines to follow regarding exercise after the BBL surgery.

You must wait at least four to six weeks after the Brazilian butt lift surgery to start exercise, given that it is only light and low impact activity. In addition, you should restrain from any heavy-duty and strenuous activity or exercise for up to two to three months after the BBL surgery. For more clarification regarding working out, it is recommended that you consult your surgeon about exercise beforehand.

However tempting it is to work out right after surgery, you must refrain from doing so, as it can severely affect your recovery process and the final results.

During this healing process of four to six weeks, you must allow your body to recover by resting and following the post-op instructions.


In addition to waiting to exercise again, there are several tips to take into consideration, to ensure a fast, safe, and effective recovery. Some of them are to drink lots of water to stay hydrated, maintain a healthy and balanced diet, regularly take the prescribed medicines, refrain from putting pressure on the buttocks, wear the appropriate compression garments for the part at which liposuction was performed, complete follow-up appointments, rest for the majority of the time, and walk briefly to help with circulation.

Why Does It Take That Long To Exercise After BBL?

The Brazilian butt lift surgery involves two separate procedures, which are performed under general (sometimes local) anesthesia. The first procedure is liposuction. This is the process through which the doctor carefully harvests fat from excess deposits in predetermined locations in the body such as thighs, stomach, back, waist, and more, using tubes to extract after making incisions in the skin.

Then, the harvested fat is purified using a specialized centrifuge device, separated, and transferred into syringes. After this, the second procedure involves the surgeon who carefully injects the fat into the specific layers of the buttocks, through incisions. This gives the surgeon complete control over sculpting and contouring the shape and look of the butt. Lastly, both the incisions that are results of the liposuction and the fat transfer, are stitched up.

Unlike traditional lifts such as an arm lift or breast lift, which remove excess skin from the area to give a tighter look, the Brazilian butt lift implements fat transfer in order to achieve a more voluptuous and desired look.

Exercising or applying pressure on the buttocks, before the four to six weeks of recovery, can move or change the transferred fat, or in serious cases, destroy it. It can also lead to an increased amount of swelling and bruising in both sites.


You must avoid exercising four to six weeks after surgery, because the body needs that time to allow the transplanted fat cells to completely settle in and survive with a normal blood supply in the area, in order for the effects of the surgery to last for a long time. While it is expected that a small portion of the fat cells will not survive, it is important to still refrain from working out, so a majority of the fat cells have the chance to live and thrive.

Moreover, we must remember that it is not one site that requires healing, but two: the site at which the liposuction took place and the site at which the fat was injected. Both these areas require at least 4 to 6 weeks to recover. Exercising before full recovery can severely hamper your recovery process and prevent you from achieving successful results.


In conclusion, many people opt for the Brazilian butt lift to achieve the backside that makes them happy and confident. In addition, a Brazilian butt lift is known for producing results that look more natural than other buttock-related surgeries like inserting silicone butt implants. Also, it has a lower chance of infection, than silicone implants. Other than solely giving people confidence, it also addresses age-induced shapelessness and sagging of the buttocks.

The procedure is an invasive surgery, therefore it requires a certain duration to heal completely. So, it is critical to wait for at least 4 to 6 weeks after the BBL surgery, to start exercising.


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