How Long After BBL Can I Sit Without Pillow (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After two weeks

This is more famous among women. As in today’s society, everyone wants to look good for themselves. Looking good somehow attains more attention in society. This also raises standards. Though this mindset should be modified. This is considered to be one of the most painful surgeries. This is one of the most popular alternatives in the field of modeling.



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This includes fat transfer to your butt to make it look bulkier and beautiful. Adding a curve to your body makes it look more beautiful than a flat one. But not everyone needs it. Those who do want to change their shape can go for a try.

How Long After BBL Can I Sit Without Pillow?

Minimum time2 weeks
Maximum time3 weeks

This procedure is quite a bit more complex than normal. This procedure includes liposuction as well as fat injection. Liposuction is used to uplift the portion of the body and fat injection is given to get bulkiness. The amount varies from person to person. This depends on how much dramatic result you want from this. Your consultant will give you full information regarding the procedure. According to your wish, they will conduct the process. This total procedure will take about 1 to 3 months to complete. Being mentally prepared is all that required. It will take patience and stability throughout the process.

It can be severe sometimes, which takes more time to heal. And it can sometimes show side effects also. A calculated amount of fat is injected into the butt and after that liposuction is done. The procedure is quite hectic, different, and time taking. Various health consultants give various types of advice regarding this process. You have to be mentally inclined for taking all the discomfort to get an adequate finding.

The fat is purified from water, blood, some oil, and other substances. This thing can be hazardous to health during the process. So the fat is purified and tested with various processes before injecting into the butt area. The fat that is injected into the butt region should respond to body metabolism. This is mainly inserted into the lateral and central parts of the body for better outcomes. According to the needs of the person, the amount of fat is planned before the procedure.

Why Should You Wet So Long After BBL Can I Sit Without Pillow?

Everyone wants to look good in their teens. Everyone wants to look perfectly shaped and sized for better performance. Every view is important for a modeling career. While the side view of a male is considered a more prominent profile, it’s front and back for females. As aging occurs, more fat tends to amass in the front area.

More fat gets accumulated over the abdominal area and shrinking occurs in the back area. This is where this procedure gets in. This technique prevails for injecting a good amount of fat into the buttocks. A more curved shape can be obtained by this strategy. This procedure is obtained by health care experts. This can be a 100 percent success with the use of proper techniques and methods. This is done under mild sedation. The patient rotates on the surgical bed continuously for symmetrical body parts.

As the health care consultant checks and calculates the right amount throughout the process. The liposuction procedure is done after this one. If for some reason calculation is done wrong then there is a chance of irregularities. This exception can only be identified from a specific angle. If irregularities happen then the shape of a person can be harshly affected. To overcome this situation a good examination is going along with the process.

The fat injected into the body requires some time for blood circulation. Patients are restricted to sleep, sit, and lie down on their back to avoid the pain of the procedure. For sleeping, you can lie down in a prone position or side position for at least two weeks to four weeks for better recovery.


The time and cost of this process depend on the type of person who is going to have the surgery. Sometimes it can be cost-effective and sometimes it can be costly. This depends on how much fat is getting reduced from the abdominal wall and plopped in the backside of the body for better curvature.

The patient is advised to sleep in the prone position to avoid the risk of bed soreness. The patients can sit with the help of a soft pillow for two weeks after recovering. And after two to four weeks the patient can try to sit without a pillow. However, the total healing will take place in about six weeks.


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