How Long After BK Can I Get Pregnant (And Why)?

How Long After BK Can I Get Pregnant (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After about 7-10 days

BK is the brand name of Levonorgestrel which is the medication used to get rid of unwanted pregnancies. It is consumed in combination with estrogen to control unwanted pregnancies. It is primarily used as a contraceptive that starts showing its effects within 72 hours. Sometimes, it is even available as implants that help control birth in long-term duration.

It belongs to the group of medications that is most commonly known as progesterone and is consumed orally in the form of contraception pills. Sometimes, it even serves the purpose of IUD and implants. Irrespective of its method of use, it is used to control pregnancy.

How Long After BK Can I Get Pregnant

How Long After BK Can I Get Pregnant?

Type of BKTime
Pills7-10 days
IUDs20-40 days

On consumption of this medication, some women may notice side effects such as tenderness of breasts, headache, irregularities in bleeding during menstruation, nausea, etc. Sometimes, it is even used to get rid of pregnancy after implantation of the baby. In simple terms, it is used for abortion where it does no harm to the fetus and the mother and helps in safe abortion. Women can even consume it while breastfeeding after pregnancy.

However, intake of this medication does not imply that the chances of STDs are reduced. It starts its function by stopping the process of ovulation and creating a barrier at the cervix to block the pathway of the sperm of the vagina. It forms an integral part of the composition of most contraceptives. Not just this, it even constitutes a major portion of implants used for controlling pregnancy. It is used as an IUD.


Apart from birth control, this medication is also used for emergency cases of pregnancies. After unprotected intercourse, the woman can go for this medication to stop pregnancy. It should be taken once in 12-24 hours. Sometimes, it is also used to treat diseases like osteoporosis and hot flashes which are noticed in women after the stoppage of menstruation. As an IUD, it can be used to control birth for about 5-6 years.

It starts showing its effect by the release of progestin thereby preventing pregnancy. Overdose of the medication may lead to side effects like pain in the uterus and abdomen, bleeding of the uterus, fatigue, diarrhea, etc. It should be taken only after a proper prescription by a doctor. Without the advice of doctors, these medications should not be taken as they may lead to other side effects and health issues.

Why Should I Wait So Long To Get Pregnant After BK?

When administered orally, this medication starts showing its effects within 3 days. It stays in the body for about 7 days. After the completion of this time, the woman again starts ovulating normally. After the onset of the normal ovulation process, the woman can go for pregnancy. As it is an ESP, it prevents the process of ovulation for 7 days by which the sperm must have been dead within the reproductive tract of the women.

The contraceptive shows its effects only for 7 days. Hence, after that, the woman can go for unprotected sex and can get pregnant. However, this is only true in cases of contraceptive pills. When taken as an IUD, then the device needs to be removed from the body of the woman after which she can conceive. The device has to be eliminated from the vagina of the woman by surgery. After the surgery, the woman needs to wait for at least 2 weeks for complete healing of the stitches. Then, she can go for unprotected sex to get pregnant.

IUDs provide better protection for a longer duration. This is why they are implanted in the walls of the uterus. Implantation requires surgery performed by a professional doctor. Hence, implants should even be removed with the help of surgery. After the removal of the implant, one can easily conceive. Some women think that it should be taken in the morning following unprotected sex. But, it is better to take it at the earliest.


However, it doesn’t help in cases of pregnancies. If a woman is already pregnant, then intake of this medication will not lead to termination or abortion. It is mostly used as a backup in cases of contraceptives. This is because the effectiveness of this medication is not as much as compared to other contraceptives.


BK should be taken in situations when the woman has not taken any precautions regarding birth control. In other unforeseen circumstances like the breaking of a condom, slipping of the diaphragm from its place, and other such circumstances, one can use the medication to ensure that she doesn’t get pregnant. For best results, it should be taken immediately after having unprotected sex.

The medicine should not be taken if the woman is already pregnant, had allergies in the past, or recently had some abnormal bleeding in the vaginal region. However, in normal cases, the woman can conceive after 7-10 days of intake of this medication.


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