How Long After Botox Can I Sleep On My Side (And Why)?

How Long After Botox Can I Sleep On My Side (And Why)?

Exact Answer: at least 4 hours

Botox treatment is a well-known and commonly used cosmetic treatment to correct and prevent wrinkles. Botox injections can also be used by cosmetologists to uplift the face of the patient. The drug may also be used to correct frown lines on the patient’s face. Botulinum Toxin is produced by a certain family of bacteria and acts as the main active ingredient in a Botox injection.

A single dose contains neuromodulators that relax nerve muscles. Sometimes these injections are also used to correct medical problems like a lazy eye or excessive sweating. However, usually, the cosmetic use of the drug outweighs its medical usage.

How Long After Botox Can I Sleep On My Side

How Long After Botox Can I Sleep On My Side?

All cosmetic procedures have certain precautionary measures that need to be stringently followed by the patient in order to avoid any complications and adverse reactions as well as maximize the effectiveness of the procedure. Botox procedures stipulate certain important post-appointment measures that the patient must follow.

Generally, dermatologists or cosmetologists performing the procedure will instruct the patient in question to refrain from sleeping or laying down in a supine posture for at least 4 to 6 hours after the procedure is completed. This time frame is more or less non-negotiable. Inability to stick to this time frame will lead to a blotched outcome and unsatisfactory results.

This thumb rule for any Botox procedure will also extend by proxy to the specific side of the face where the solution has been injected. It is important to leave this area undisturbed, thus, the patient cannot apply pressure on it for a good 4 to 6 hours. You can also ask the medical practitioner performing your procedure about the correct time frame that would be suitable for you within this rough 4 to 6-hour window.

In case you are sleepy or have been administered the dose close to nightfall, then a 4-hour window will suffice. If you have your procedure in the morning, then by nightfall you can easily sleep on your side. This is because the time frame prescribed by doctors has already passed by then. When recovering from a Botox procedure, it is always prudent to stick to this relentless time frame for the best results.


In Summary:

Post Botox CarePeriod of Waiting Before Applying Pressure
Lower Limit4 hours
Upper Limit6 hours

Why Do I Have To Wait This Long After Botox To Sleep On My Side?

Every patient who undergoes a Botox procedure must wait until he or she can sleep on the side because the Botox solution has a tendency to migrate. Thus, when a patient sleeps or applies pressure to the injection site by sleeping on it, the injected Botox substance moves into the neighboring tissue spaces.

When this happens the effectiveness of the procedure is definitively undermined. Moreover, some medical professionals go as far as stating that a patient must avoid sleeping on his or her side for at least 48 hours after the treatment. This is also said to ensure that your face does not come in contact with pillows and other materials which may be contaminated.

However, generally, the 4 to 6-hour window is enough to prevent the neurotoxins from entering neighboring tissue regions. This gives the injected substance enough time to settle into the region it was specifically used for. Once settled, these neurotoxins will refrain from migrating elsewhere.


To achieve this you must try not to lay down in a supine posture or sleep on your side. You can use pillows to help your body remain upright. Similarly, after those initial 4 to 6 hours, you can sleep on mulberry silk pillows and bedsheets as this material is less contaminating than normal cotton.

Other precautions like sleeping on clean bedding after the treatment and avoiding the application of facial creams for at least 24 hours are also important. If one keeps these post-procedure protocols in mind, then the outcome of the treatment will be satisfactory.


Botox injections are a popular way of managing aging signs especially frown lines and wrinkles. The drooping facial muscles can be re-positioned slightly with the use of Botox injections. However, much like all other medical procedures, Botox procedures also have certain pre and post-appointment norms that must be followed by patients.

Patients are deterred from sleeping on the side where Botox has been injected for at least 4 hours after the procedure is completed. This is done to ensure that the solution settles properly before any pressure can be applied to the area. If this is not followed, the efficacy of the procedure may be diminished.


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