How Long After Bunion Surgery Can I Run (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After About 6-10 weeks

When the big toe joints or little toe have some growth of tissues or bone, we called it a bunion.
The patient suffering from this problem experience serious pain. And to reduce this pain and to accurately the malformation, patients have to go for bunion surgery.



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There are so many reasons behind Bunion but it often happens due to over-stress in the joints area for a long time.
women mostly face bunion, Due to their confining footwear and tight pointed heels. In some cases, arthritis becomes the result of Bunions and it also has a chance that it can inherit from your family. In such cases, the big toe joint is the most targeted area to get the effect.

How Long After Bunion Surgery Can I Run?

Minimum time of recovery 4-6 weeks
Average time of recovery 7 weeks
Maximum time of recovery 6-10 weeks

Although the recovery process will same for all, the time taken for recovery varies from person to person. It depends on the efforts put by the patients but some cases are also there when the patient experiences severe issues in the attempt of quick recovery. Following doctors, advice is the best of all. After bunion surgery, most patients should be no weight bearers or fewer weight bearers for the first couple of weeks. This is crucial as it gives enough time to heal the joins and the pain of after-surgery.

The required time will settle the corrected joints and heal better. Healing is always a matter of time. The more you invest the better you get. But in general, this part takes somewhere between 10 days to 4 weeks. Even after you get the complete recovery still you have to go through a step-wise process before putting full stress on your feet. Eventually, the surgeon also prescribes you for physiotherapy after the satisfaction from your progress.

The Physiotherapist will help you with sets of exercises that will be totally designed for your particular problem. That exercise will improve your stability and strength step-wise in the recovering foot. Gradually you can increase your weight-bearing capacity to the fullest.

Now the definition of complete recovery also different for different people. It’s different for a normal person who will decide to swim in a community poll after recover whether it’s a bit different for a marathon runner. According to your choice of recovery build your strategy but under the guidance of an expert.

Why Should I Wait For So Long To Run After Bunion Surgery?

There is no direct answer. It’s a body part healing time period it generally takes. Sometimes it takes a little longer and sometimes less. As the bunion and recovery plans are different, an athlete wants a quick and strong recovery while a common man needs a moderate recovery as they have time to invest more. So, it takes 6 to 10 weeks for complete recovery to varying with person and goal.

The physiotherapist knows your problem more than you. They understand the basics. The next couple of weeks they will make you pass through a bit more challenging exercises. As your foot gets better with time and has the strength to bear more stress. But you need to be very careful because one wrong step will make the situation worse than before.

Your motives, goal, and complete progress rate will help to determine exactly when you can take more stress and return to exercise. For different weight-bearing categories, there is a different period for recovery.

If the patient going to bear limited weight and give limited stress to the region like cycling or swimming then it will take around 4 to 6 weeks. But if the patient going to bear lots of weight and give a lot of stress to the region like running etc, then it will take around 6 to 10 weeks.

The level of stress for which you want recovery needs a clearance from the experts. It is advised that you need to get clarity regarding your motives from your surgeon, their medical team, or your physiotherapist. It’s very crucial to get expert advice before deciding anything on your level. Putting less stress in the beginning then increasing it gradually is always the right procedure. The doctor’s review also important which you have to keep in your mind.


If you, any of your relatives or friends pass through this surgery. Suggest them not to take too much stress at least for a couple of weeks. Time is what it demands.

There is bathing to get panic. Visit you, physiotherapist, regularly. Gradually acquired all the therapies. Do exercise sincerely.
In addition, you can ice your foot and toe to stimulate healing and lessen inflammation. 

After a week or two, you can go driving if you can, only if your physiotherapist allows it. Your foot will remain swollen for some months after bunion. nothing to get panic. Wear shoes with wide space inside to lessening your pain.


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