How Long Can A Average Person Plank (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 Minutes

Every person is required to do some exercise to get physical fitness and reduce diseases like obesity. These days everyone is placed in a comfort zone that is devoid of physical work. But our body needs at least a small amount of physical activities to maintain good health.
Plank is an exercise similar to pushups. It requires you to stay in a position where you place your hands on the floor and lift your body and hold on for some time. Planking can decrease the calories in your body and help in maintaining a fit body. It can also help reduce back pain.

How Long Can A Average Person Plank


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How Long Can an Average Person Plank?

Holding a plank for two minutes, then it is evident that you had a strong core. It is also considered healthy. We can perform many types of planks, like a plank with arm or leg lifts, knee touching elbow, side planks, etc. We can try these to increase plank holding time.
In the beginning, one will have a plank below thirty seconds. If we go on practicing gradually, the time we hold plank will increase. However, we need to maintain proper position during a plank. If daily practice, we can keep an appropriate body shape, and it is healthy too.

If you are practicing a plank for too long, you can perform a four-minute plank. However, it may not be the case too. If it became an easy task to perform a plank for you, you could try various planks to increase exercise intensity. You will enjoy the exercise after getting used to it. It would become a habit to do plank daily.

The time taken for a person to do a plank depends on the expertise of that person. If a person is an expert, then he can hold in the position for nearly ten minutes. An athlete can do a plank for more than an average person can do. various expertise to do plank can be given by.

Expertise LevelTime taken for a Plank
First Timers0-30 seconds
Beginners30-60 seconds
Intermediate3 minutes
Advanced5 minutes
Expert10 minutes
Olympian50 minutes
Plank ImmortalLonger than 1 hour

Why Does an Average Person Plank That Long?

If a person goes on doing exercise for too long beyond his limit, then there is a chance of getting spine injuries and back pains. If the plank is done correctly, it will help in strengthening muscles. However, if anything wrong is done, then we might injure ourselves. Plank exercise will target every muscle in our body to enhance it. As you get to practice plank, you will get to become more robust. 

If a person goes to the gym daily and practices plank, you may obtain the strength to do other workouts like squats and deadlifts. There are many advantages of doing a plank. It can be seen as a compound exercise. If you perform a plank, it burns more calories than other exercises do. While the calories are burnt, the muscles also build up. Consequently, metabolism can also undergo at a faster rate giving us more energy. 

Every day Plank for one minute can improve your overall health. Plank will also lead to your active participation in sports. It can also enhance the performance of nerves. A person shall get mental strength by doing planks. Hence it is considered a fantastic exercise for the overall development of a person. 

For beginners, doing plank might cause some pains due to stretching of muscles and lack of exercise. One might get stress in the body all day long while sitting and standing. Hence it is necessary to start by doing a plank for a few seconds. Day by day, we can go on increasing plank time.


The plank is a beneficial exercise that helps in burning roughly five calories per minute. It is purely based on body type and shape. The practice requires us to hold in a static position so that it works effectively on particular muscles. It is advantageous to maintain correct posture while doing a plank.

If you are doing plank in the correct position for 20 seconds, then holding it in the wrong position for more than one minute is beneficial. Additionally, we need not require any equipment to do a plank. We can comfortably do it on a carpet or the floor for the best results. Finally, it is an excellent all-around exercise for our health ranging from muscle development to cardiac issues.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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