How Long After Appendectomy Can I Run (And Why)?

Exact answer: After about 1 month

The exact period after which you can start running and doing heavy exercise depends upon the level of recovery. You need maximum recovery to begin all running activities. It’s better to go slow and take a good rest for at least one month.

Appendectomy is a destructive way of operation where the vermiform appendix is removed. The surgery is done due to the severity of the patient having acute appendicitis. surgery may be done in an open way or by the laparoscopy method. According to the patient’s need doctor will go for the way of operation. It’s important to remove the appendix when you are suffering from acute appendicitis.

How Long After Appendectomy Can I Run


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How Long After Appendectomy Can I Run?

Minimum time15 days
Maximum time1 month

This form of surgery of removing the vermiform appendix cures appendicitis. When appendicitis is neglected then it can be fatal or may cause serious illness so it’s better to remove this. Nowadays appendicitis is more common among people. The exact function of the appendix is unspecified but according to one, some hypothesis appendix contains some good bacteria which helps our body during the various process. Appendix present in the lower right abdomen.

Appendectomy or appendicectomy surgery is performed in two different methods. It can be done by open surgery method or by laparoscopy method. In the open surgery method, a larger cut or incision is made over the right side of the belly button through which the appendix is removed. This surgery needs more time for recovery. Another modern surgery technique is used called as laparoscopy method in which a small cut or incision is made to remove the appendix.

The advantages of having a laparoscopy type of surgery are that you will feel less pain after surgery in contrast to the open method. You will need to stay for a shorter period because of this type of surgery. The scar size is also smaller in the case of laparoscopic surgery. But before all these ask your doctor which one will give the best result following your health.


Although there are so many advantages of laparoscopic surgery some people cannot go for laparoscopy because of some reasons they have to go for open surgery. The reasons for which doctors will do open surgery are :
1)Maybe the appendix affects a larger area of bacterial growth.

2)Maybe the appendicitis is neglected and the appendix is about to burst.

Why Should I Wait So Long After Appendectomy To Run?

Appendicitis is a condition of the appendix when it gets inflamed and causes pain to the patient. In the early stage of appendicitis you can feel pain in your lower right abdomen, then afterward you will lose appetite, vomiting and nausea kind of feeling will arise soon after your pain proceeds. Sometimes you will find a kind of swollen belly, you may find a fever of about 99-110 degrees. These are some of the major symptoms of appendicitis.

If you find any kind of symptoms then go for a check. These symptoms always don’t indicate appendicitis, there may be any other illness like gallbladder problem, bladder problem or urinary tract infection, etc. To find the exact illness you have to go for a screening test. There are some tests for screening appendicitis like CT scan, ultrasound, etc. If the doctor advised for some more test then go for it, that may include urine test, blood tests, etc.


Appendicitis is always an emergency case where the doctor has to remove the appendix urgently to save the life of the patient. Almost all cases need surgery or removal of the affected appendix. During laparoscopic surgery u will be given general anesthesia to make you asleep, then doctors will remove the affected appendix by the use of a device named a laparoscope (this is a thin telescope-like device). After the surgery, you need 12 hours of rest and then u can walk around. From the day of surgery, u need a maximum of 3 weeks recovery period to get back to the normal routine.


There are certain complications are there with appendicitis. If they are left untreated or not removed within time then the risk of rupture of the appendix increases. So appendectomy is the only option in most cases. There is no prevention of appendicitis. Mostly doesn’t happen to the children. A recent study says that if one is consuming high fiber rich food like fruits mad vegetables can have less chance of having appendicitis.

Even if you have appendicitis it is not fatal always so go for treatment, go for a screening test and then go for surgery if needed. Doctors will advise you on the post-operative medicines and post-operative care before leaving the hospital. A recent study has made that says that only antibiotics are enough to treat appendicitis, but timely you need to diagnose or screening test to avoid future complications.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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