How Long After Cesarean Can I Have Another Baby (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 15- 20 months

A surgical technique used for the delivery of a baby. This is the process of Cesarean. Which is accomplished by a laceration between the uterus and midsection. One-third of children born in the world are cesarean.

C-section is done because of certain reasons like if you develop pregnancy complications or if you had a cesarean baby before. After a c-section, you must wait for 15-20 months before planning to have your next baby. The recovery rate is slower in cesarean delivery than normal delivery. So it’s important to give your body rest so that the scars could heal.

How Long After Cesarean Can I Have Another Baby

How Long After Cesarean Can I Have Another Baby?

Type Time
In cases of Uterine rupture 15 months
In case of placenta accreta20 months

A first-time c-section is not obvious until labor pain is underway. Means your doctor may go for a c-section if you are not getting labor pain. Sometimes c-section gives a healthier baby than a normal delivery.

Generally, cesarean delivery is done in cases of some complications that make vaginal delivery difficult. Suppose the baby has some developmental condition or the baby’s head is too big for the birth canal. Cesarean delivery is even done in cases when the baby is coming out feet first ( breech birth). In cases of early pregnancy complications, the mother has high blood pressure or unstable heart disease.

Generally, 6 months are minimally needed to get pregnant after a c-section. But as per views of some experts, it is 12 to 18 months and some say about 18 to 24 months. Surely there is some complication in conceiving so early. But in some cases, the mother is already 35 and cannot wait for more than two years. Consult your doctor or midwife about your health conditions and details about your last pregnancy. He will guide you if any complications arise.

A 15-18 months gap between two children would be better for both mother and child. There are certain risks you may face by getting pregnant too early after a c-section. Some studies say that It’s not 100 percent sure that you will get a healthy baby after a c-section. And some say there is no effect on future fertility. But if you are sure to have a baby after a c-section pregnancy then wait till you heal completely.

Why Should I Wait So Long After Cesarean For Another Baby?

A c-section surgery is and your body needs 6months time to heal. Pregnant too early after a c-section surgery could have certain risks:

1)Uterine rupture: The longer the break between the two the less chance of rupture. Some studies say the rate of uterine rupture is more in those who become pregnant again in less than 18 months.

2) Placenta accreta: Sometimes too early pregnancy after c-section causes the placenta into the lining of the uterus. Which can lead to serious conditions during delivery.

3) Preterm birth: according to recent reports getting pregnant too soon after your 1st c-section may have a greater chance of preterm birth.

Some have issues regarding their fertility period. For example, if a woman is 35 years old or older than this, they may not wait for 1 yr or more to have their next baby. As fertility issues rise with increasing age. If such issues come before you then consult with your doctor. If you had a healthy pregnancy the first one then the chance of having any risks would be less. And it’s quite safe for you to conceive again sooner.

A c-section may not be the plan of your pregnancy. Because many women are thrilled with the outcome: healthy baby, healthy mom, complications during pregnancy. While some of them are not ready to face the bad experiences during delivery (Anastasia didn’t work, post-pregnancy side effects). Some may have to face so many problems while recovering.


Although you may have a bad belief about c-section surgery and its effects. But the truth is there are different effects and side effects for different women. You should consider your doctor’s word while you are in doubt. Both vaginal and cesarean have their risks and benefits. Deciding how you will deliver your baby after a c-section is quite a difficult task. It’s better to talk with your health consultant. He or she may help you out of trouble.

He or she may help you out of trouble. He may plan for a c-section with lowering the risk. And if you already have had a c-section then your doctor may choose for the cesarean delivery again.


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