How Long After Cipro can I Drink Alcohol (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 days 

Ciprofloxacin or more commonly called Cipro is an antibiotic drug. This drug is utilized to treat infections that involve bacteria. This can range from bone infections, abdominal infections, respiratory infections, skin infections, and many others.



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Alcohol or any kind of alcoholic drink is consumed by many people around the world. Even though this substance is harmful to human health, it is consumed for pleasure as well as for grievances.

It is common knowledge that alcohol consumption while using drugs is harmful to the user’s health. The drug used can be illegal or prescription drugs, but the effect it causes when it gets mixed with alcohol is very dangerous.

How Long After Cipro can I Drink Alcohol

How Long After Cipro can I Drink Alcohol?

ObjectiveTime Period
Consumption of Alcohol After Consuming CiproAfter 72 Hours/ 3 days

Since Cipro is an antibiotic drug, it is advised to avoid alcohol consumption till 3 days after antibiotic consumption. This is to ensure that the antibiotic does not cause any unwanted side effects for the user. Side effects can be minor or sometimes major. It is the responsibility of the user to avoid alcohol temporarily to look after their health.

Cipro is classified as a quinolone antibiotic. This does the work by stopping the growth of unwanted bacteria in the body. These bacteria can be anything that causes discomfort for the individual. But this drug only works for bacterial infections. Virus infections are not taken into account.

Cipro is a strong drug. However, in some cases, there were some bacteria which was receptive to the drug. So, it should be noted that in such cases alcohol consumption along with Cipro can have severe side effects that can affect the user.
This drug can be found in tablet form, powder form, and extended-release tablets. Every type of Cipro can have the same side effect if consumed along with alcohol in the body.

The side effect caused by the mixture of alcohol and Cipro include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, etc. The dizziness of this combination can be more severe than that of the dizziness caused by alcohol alone. But these side effects are not permanent. These could go away within a few days. Hence, it should not be a frustrating problem to solve.

The 72-hour period after Cipro consumption can ensure that a user does not observe any discomfort if they consume alcohol after this period.

Why Does it Take Long to Drink Alcohol After Taking Cipro?

The time to drink alcohol after taking Cipro is lengthy because the body needs this time to cleanse the body and remove every trace of Cipro inside the body.

The effect of consumption of Cipro along with alcohol can have very seriously damaging reactions in the body. These severe side effects could be an upset stomach, feeling of complete dizziness, feeling sickness, severe headaches, drowsiness that cannot be handled and so much more.

In most cases, alcohol consumption doesn’t interfere with the working of antibiotics in the body. But it can slow down the process and cause huge amounts of drowsiness and other effects.

Drinking alcohol during the antibiotic consumption period can drastically impact the sleep schedule of a person which makes the healing process longer and tedious.

The alcohol that is consumed need not be wine, beer, rum, etc. It can be simple household products like mouthwashes that have alcohol content in them.

Chronic Alcohol addicts can have difficulty in not having alcohol if they are under an antibiotic dose like that of Cipro. But it is a short duration course. The antibiotic tenure is a maximum of 3 days. Because of which there is no need to worry.

If the label of an antibiotic says that the user should refrain from alcohol consumption, they should readily do so. Cipro has details regarding this. So do most antibiotic drugs that are sold in the market. Any doubts regarding the use of alcohol and Cipro can be cleared by professional doctors who can advise better ways to treat those in need.


It is a dangerous idea to consume alcohol during the antibiotic period. A user should always refrain from cravings when it comes down to matters of their health. It is always better to prevent better than to cure. So, every individual who consumes alcohol should refrain themselves when they are in their antibiotic period.

Alcohol consumption with or without integrating drugs is a really bad idea that can have an adverse effect on a user’s health. It should be noted that alcohol consumption should be reduced or to make it even better, it should be completely removed from the minds of such people.


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