How Long Does Composite Bonding Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 5 years

In the composite bonding process, a tooth-colored resin is used to do the process of bonding to the teeth. This process is used for various teeth problems. The composite bonding process is quite simple and can be done without any pain. The process would not take a lot of time as it would be get completed in 40 to 60 minutes.

There will not be any need for anesthesia during the tooth bonding process. The dental would choose or select a good colored resin shade that goes well with the actual color of the teeth. This process would last around 5 years and would be suitable for almost all the people. The material used for the composite bonding process is not as strong as the natural teeth.

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How Long Does Composite Bonding Last?

Composite Bonding MethodHow Long Does Composite Bonding Last
Minimum lasting time period4 weeks
Maximum lasting time period6 weeks

The material used in the composite bonding process would be quite weak. This reason would affect the lasting period of the tooth bonding process. Sometimes, the tooth bonding can chip off or break due to unhealthy food eating habits. Everyone can increase the lifespan of the tooth bonding material by eating what would be suitable for tooth bonding.

The tooth bonding would call for many touch-ups if it is not taken care of. The factors affecting the lifespan of the composite bonding are:

Location of the composite bonding- The tooth bonding done on the front part would not stay for a long time. If the location of the tooth bonding is in the back of the teeth, then the lifespan of the material would be more.
Quality and quantity of the material- The quality of the bonding material should be good. The use of materials should be done in exact numbers. Less or more use of materials would ask for correction of bonding. Always go for this composite bonding process under an expert dentist.
The health of the teeth- The health of the teeth on which the material is applied is vital. If the strength of the teeth would be less, then it will not last for a long time period. Unhealthy teeth would not allow the materials to fix properly.

Why Does Composite Bonding Last This Long?

The composite bonding would last for more than 6 months if the person takes proper care of it. The person can do the followings thing to make the material last for a long time.
Anybody with composite bonding should not skip brushing twice every day. Cleaning the mouth would help in maintaining the quality of the material used for tooth bonding. Regular flushing would ensure there are no food items left in the gaps of the teeth and gums.

Use the correct technique for flushing and brushing to avoid injury. Sometimes, aggressive brushing can disturb the condition of the teeth and gums. It may cause bleeding and unnecessary pain.
Go for regular dental care with medical check-ups. This would help in keeping track of the condition of tooth bonding. People with composite bonding can go for cleaning methods to not entertain any kind of dental infections inside the mouth.

Composite bonding would be a great method to fix teeth fractures and decayed teeth. It would help in improving the appearance of the teeth by fixing the issues such as discoloration of teeth. People should avoid chewing hard foods with their teeth where the bonding has been done.


Talk to the doctor if the teeth bonding is suitable for you or not before starting the procedure. The person should not bite or chew any difficult-to-digest food or objects. Avoid sugary food if tooth bonding is done to the teeth as it can chip off the materials. The composite bonding process would not take a lot of time and would last easily around 6 weeks. Take care of the bonded teeth after the process is done as maintaining the quality is vital for a long lifespan.



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