How Long After CNA License Be Expired (And Why)?

How Long After CNA License Be Expired (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 Years

A CNA license stands for the license of a certified nursing assistant. The post requires the person to work under a registered or licensed practical nurse and take care of the patients and help them with their daily needs and activities.

Most people who opt for a CNA license would further go on and try for the registered nurse as that is more well-paying. Most of the assistant nurses are students in medical colleges and trying to gain experience by working under a professional nurse before they venture out into the world.

The CNA license is valid for 2 years before which the person has to renew the license or else reapply.

How Long After Your CNA License Be

How Long After CNA License Be Expired?

The certified nursing assistant license is valid for two years during which the person would work under the supervision of the registered nurse and take care of the daily needs and activities of the patients.

Most people who have a certified nursing assistant license are people from medical colleges and want to have experience before they move out to the real world of jobs. A certified nursing assistant license is valid for 2 years before which the person has to renew the license. If the person delays the time after 2 years, they would have to reapply for the license and go through the whole process again.

There are different requirements to renew the Certified nursing assistant license according to the state the person is residing in. Some states would take a fee for the renewal process whereas others do not.

The steps into getting a CNA license would first require the person to take up and pass a nursing course which is available in community colleges and even high schools. There are two parts of the exam to achieve the license, the written exam and the clinical exam.

As the health professional field is very important, the exams are divided into knowledge-based and practical aspects as to not put anyone unfit for the job. The clinical part would include things like how to assist the patient in using a bedpan, or how to feed the patient sitting on a chair, etc.

License expired

The CNA license needs to be renewed before the last date of 2 years otherwise it is considered expired.

Exam PartStructure
WrittenMultiple Choice Questions
ClinicalPerforming Skills Related to Patient’s daily activities

Why CNA License Be Expired After Two Years?

A certified nursing assistant license is valid for two years from the certification date. During those two years, the person is eligible for working as an assistant nurse under the supervision of what is known as a registered nurse. Their job would include helping the patient do their daily activities and helping them with their needs.

The Certified nursing assistant license is achieved after taking up a nursing course which is available in community colleges and even in high schools. Then the person is required into passing an exam which would be divided into two segments – a written exam and a clinical practical exam. The clinical exam would test the person’s ability to help the patients with their needs and would include things like helping a patient to use a bedpan, or feeding a patient who is sitting on a chair, etc.

There are three chances granted to the person for completing both the parts of the exam within 2 years of doing their CNA course. However, if they are unable to pass the certification in those two years, they would have to take both the course and the exam again.

License expired

To renew the CNA license, the person needs to meet the requirements of their respective state which would include some particular hours of paid nursing jobs done in the last two years.

The person must renew their license before the last date of the two years or else they would not be able to continue their job and would be required to apply for the CNA certificate and license again.


The certified nursing assistant license is a requirement to work as an assistant nurse in a hospital. The job would be under the supervision of s registered nurse and the person would have to take care of the patient’s needs and help them with their daily activities.

The CNA license is achieved after taking up a course of nursing and passing the license exam which is divided into a written and a clinical part. The person needs to renew their license before the completion of 2 years otherwise they would have to attempt the whole procedure again or they cannot work as a nurse.


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