How Long After CP Exam For Decision (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 30 Days

C&P exam is a part of the procedure to claim the disability or pension benefits of the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs which is also known as the VA.

In the course of this exam, it helps the government to “rate” the disability and determine if it is due to the service or if it has worsened due to the same.

C&P exam stands for the Compensation & Pension exam. The examiner would perform medical tests on the person and forward the results to the authorities, who the, would rate or level the disability according to their guidelines. There would be no prescriptions assigned at the end of this examination.

How Long After CP Exam For Decision

How Long After CP Exam For Decision?

The U.S Department of Veterans Affairs or the VA is in charge of the compensation and pensions for whoever has served in the service. If the person has applied for compensation or pension due to any disability, there would be an exam conducted wherein the medical examiner would perform several tests and the result would be forwarded to the authorities in charge. These authorities would, then, rate or level the disability or the disabilities, if more, according to their guidelines and issue the compensation and/or pension.

There is a specific schedule that would be followed and each person would be given a slot for their examination. If a person has filled multiple disabilities, they might be called separately for each one of them so that the result could be noted separately.

However, not every applicant who has applied due to disability would have to get a C&P test done. It depends upon the medical documents attached to the application and if the authorities in charge feel that there should be other tests done for legitimacy.

The examiner would analyze the medical reports included in the person’s claim file or the c-file, and the duration of the exam would depend upon how much information the authorities feel they need to decide for the claim to be fulfilled.

 The exam would be taking place roughly about 60% into the decision-making period wherein the only thing left to do is for the authorities to manage the claim and make their decision of passing it.

CP Exam
Number Of Disabilities In ApplicationNumber Of C&P Tests
OneA Single Examination
More Than OneSeparate Examinations, Specialist Examination If Needed

Why Does It Take 30 Days After CP Exam For Decision?

The C&P exam or the Compensation & Pension exam is done about 60% of the way into the decision-making process where the authorities in charge if they feel the need for it, would conduct the exam to get more information to make their decision.

In many cases, a general physician would undertake the medical examination, they would review the claims file or the c-file and gather information about the history of the disability mentioned in the file.

There is a chance that the person could be called for separate examinations if they have listed more than one disability in the claims file. Further, if someone has listed disabilities related to hearing, dental, vision, or psychiatric conditions, a specialist would be called for their examination respectively.

The medical examiner would report the exact nature, measurement, and diagnosis of the condition so that the authorities could rationalize the claim.

CP Exam

It could take anywhere around one to four months for the authorities to make their decision. After the Compensation and Pensions exam, the result could get done in about one to two months, time after which there would be a transition process.

The reason it takes so long to make the decision is that there must be exact and accurate data to support the claim with medical evidence, and then the decision would be looked over by several people to be passed in the final result. It is a long process but the government would not want to give a hasty decision in terms of compensation and pensions.


The Compensation & Pensions exam is a part of the process to claim the disability or pension benefits in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Throughout the examination, a medical professional would conduct a medical examination on the body and review the claims file according to the disability or disabilities stated in the application.

The person may also be called separately if they have listed more than one disability for each one of them. It could take anywhere about one to four months to decide regarding the claim as the C&P exam is a way for the authorities to get more information about the case and rationalize the claim.


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