How Long After SSI Hearing For Decision (And Why)?

How Long After SSI Hearing For Decision (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 3 Months

The Social Security Administration in the United States of America provides financial help to those who are in need. The people of the United States can register themselves under Supplemental Security Income and get financial assistance from the government.

The Supplemental Security Scheme provides financial help to old, blind, disabled people who need financial help. However, one does not get registered under SSI and they have to go through a formal process. In such a case, one may wonder after how long can they expect a final decision from the administration regarding their SSI.

How Long After SSI Hearing For Decision

How Long After SSI Hearing For Decision?

Applying for Supplemental Security Income and actually getting approval may take some time. It is a long process to apply for the Supplemental Security Income and get approval from the Social Security Administration.

At first, the person is supposed to check whether they are eligible for SSI or not. There are some questions set up by the SSA that determine whether the person is eligible for SSI or not. Once they clear the questionnaire, they can apply for the SSI. Then, the reports of the applicants are applied. In this step, it is checked whether the person is actually disabled enough that they are unable to do any work to earn a livelihood.

Afterward, the hearing is done and in most cases, the applicant is supposed to be there in front of the authority claiming their SSI. If they are unable to be there, they can send their lawyer and/or a witness that can confirm the level of disability the person has.

Even after now, the process does not end here. The waiting time after hearing by the authorities to get approval may vary. Usually, the person may get approval within 90 days after their hearing session. However, in some cases, the waiting time may take a lot of time. In some cases, the waiting time may take up to 120 days and even a year or more. Even after that, some people apply for reconsideration to what they are approved by the government as financial assistance.

Social Security Administration
ScaleWaiting Time
Common90 days
Average120 Days
RareA year or more

Why SSI Decision Takes That Long After Hearing?

Supplemental Security Income is provided to those as help who are unable to work for themselves. Unlike SSDI, it is not deducted from extra taxes from employers and employees but rather is derived from general tax income received by the government of the United States.

Only Blind, disabled and old age people who are unable to work are provided with the SSI. The government tries to make sure that no one is making a false claim. All the income sources of the applicant are analyzed by the authorities along with the medical and physical condition of the applicant.

Oftentimes, the applicant is not able to prove their disability under the SSI scheme and their approval is delayed. It could happen under several scenarios. At times, the applicant does not add all the necessary documents required to get approval for their SSI. Moreover, in some scenarios, the applicant has other sources of income that also make the authorities delay or reject the applicant’s request.

Social Security Administration

Some applicants also apply for reconsideration in their approved SSI income which further delays the final approval by the Social Security Administration. Other than that, some applicants are unable to prove their disability to the authorities by not being present or not sending strong evidence of their disability. So, in such scenarios, the applicant’s request is delayed till the administration is convinced that the applicant has no or little source of income with no ability to work for their livelihood.


Those people who are disabled and cannot work to earn money can apply for Supplemental Security Income that is paid by the government of the United States. The money allotted to the needy people is taken from the taxes paid by the people.

It is a long process to get approval in Supplemental Security Income by the Social Security Administration. Usually, it takes up to 90 days to get approval after submission of application and hearing, however, in some cases it takes up to 120 days and in some rare cases, it may take up to a year or more for the applicant to get approval under Supplemental Security Income


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