How Long After Cramps BFP (And Why)?

How Long After Cramps BFP (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After Five Days

Pregnancy is a glorious phase in a woman’s life. Her body goes through many changes to give birth to a new one out of herself. Apart from the care during pregnancy, a woman also needs to detect her pregnancy at the earliest. Early detection of pregnancy is very beneficial. It indicates the woman to take proper care of herself.

BFP is the abbreviation of Big Fat Positive, which is a term that signifies that the pregnancy test is positive. A pregnancy test is considered positive if there are two lines after checking on the test kit. The opposite of BFP is BFN, which is Big Fat Negative, symbolizing a negative pregnancy test by only showing one line on the test kit.

How Long After Cramps BFP

How Long After Cramps BFP?

There are various signs and symptoms of pregnancy. The most common one is the missing of the regular periods. In cases of sexually active women, the signs of the missed period indicate pregnancy. Generally, the test done after the missed period yields the best results. But then, it even depends on the body of the mother. If her body may be unable to produce enough hormones, the test results may be altered. If the women go for a test after missed periods to find negative results, she should repeat the tests after regular intervals.

The cramping and pelvic pain, which is the common side effect, lasts over a couple of days to around two weeks, but this is a clear indication of pregnancy. The pain reaches its peak within the first two days of the result and starts to subside thereby. Then, there will not be any continuous cramping; it may come and frequently go along with mild fever, low energy, the moderate feeling of flu, and nausea. These are considered as the usual side effects which occur when your system combines with the changes taking place inside the body.

Big fat positive
Type Of Pregnancy TestTime After Cramps For BFP
Urine TestOne to two weeks
Blood TestFive to seven days

If a woman goes for a urine test, BFP might be observed after one to two weeks of getting cramps. In contrast, if a blood test is conducted to check for pregnancy, then five to seven days are needed after cramping.

Why Does It Take That Long After Cramps For BFP?

Suppose the mother experiences any changes in her breasts. This is even the symptom of an upcoming period, but if the woman has missed her periods and experiences such symptoms, she should go for a pregnancy test. The most common changes which the breast undergoes during pregnancy are swelling, darkening, and enlarging of nipples. Some other symptoms like slight bleeding, which is less than menstruation, may be noticed as the embryo is implanted successfully to the uterus wall.

Just like menstruation, some women even go through minor cramps during pregnancy. However, if the woman faces cramps but does face less or no bleeding, she should go for a pregnancy test. Nausea is even one of the most commonly found symptoms of pregnancy which is noticed during pregnancy. Some women even face mild or excessive vomiting, thereby leading to sickness and discomfort. These symptoms even indicate the presence of a baby in the mother’s womb.

big fat positive 1

It takes that long after Cramps for BFP because the hormone changes in the blood and urine don’t occur immediately after getting cramps. A woman must keep checking at regular intervals after getting frequent cramps and missing periods as there is a possibility of her being pregnant.


Finally, it can be concluded that early pregnancy tests indicate the results within 3-4 days of the normal cycle of pregnancy. The actual time when the woman should go for a pregnancy test depends on her luteal cycle. However, early tests have their advantages and disadvantages. The more closer the test is to the expected date of periods, the less accurate the results are.

On average, BFP can be observed on a pregnancy test after five to seven days of cramping. Various statistics indicate that the tests conducted within two weeks of getting cramps indicate the most accurate results. The results go on decreasing as time decreases.


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