How Long After Cruising Do Babies Walk (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Few Weeks/Several Months

Normally, a baby starts walking independently within a year or within a year and a half. But, before babies could walk independently they start cruising and this means they would start or begin to walk on their own soon.

The exact timing could vary after a baby starts cruising till they start to walk. It takes about 10-12 months or it could take even more for some babies. This is the time when babies take a step or two when they are held upright. Parents or some adults should be present every time whenever babies begin walking or slowly starts to walk.

How Long After Cruising Do Babies Walk

How Long After Cruising Do Babies Walk?

Cruising happensAfter 10-12 months the baby is born.
Walking independently after cruisingA few weeks or a few months before walking independently.

Cruising is the step or the process when your baby is starting or trying to stand up and take steps using the support of furniture or other such kinds of stuff. This means the baby is cruising officially and they are not far before they start to walk on their own.

Parents should also know that timeline could vary for each baby. Parents should not worry about anything related to their baby not trying to walk or stand up. Reach out to a doctor if your baby’s development is not being progressed along with time.

According to most parents, babies start cruising and learn to stand within 9-10 months after the baby is born. The baby would start to walk independently within the 9-18 month mark and will start to take baby steps on their own soon after a few days after cruising.

Babies Walk

However, most babies could take some more time to start cruising or walking. You should know that both the scenarios are normal and you should not worry about anything. As mentioned earlier that if you are concerned about your baby’s development then you can try contacting a doctor.

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Do some research on your own so that you know whatever phases your baby is going through is normal and there is nothing to worry about.

Why Does It Take That Long After Cruising To Walk?

A baby would start to walk within few days after they start cruising or it could even take a few weeks. This is quite normal and a parent or an adult should always make sure that the baby is safe while doing these things.

You should also not try to hold your baby while the baby is trying to stand on its own or trying to walk. Make sure the baby has enough space to walk in the room. Keep patience and everything should be fine within the next few days or weeks after cruising.

It is your baby who will take off on their own whenever they are ready. You cannot force your baby to walk right away because that is not normal. Keep some important points in mind and make sure to keep your baby as safe as possible.

Babies Walk

Some common things that you should always check are making sure that preventing any kind of injury of the baby from hitting any kind of sharp corners of a particular piece of furniture. You should keep the shelves secured tightly.

If you can put a mat or something soft material on the floor so that whenever your baby falls there would be no chance of an injury. This also becomes helpful because you do not always have to keep watch on your baby as if the baby falls you will know that he will not be injured.

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In the end, you need to take care of your baby and everything else.  The responsibilities of a parent are huge when a baby is born right from the start till they grow up to become a teenager. However, if you think that your baby is not developing naturally then it is best to show it to a doctor.

Motivate your baby and keep away all the technical stuff like smartphones, TVs, and other such kinds of things for a few months. Instead, keep toys and other such harmless things to keep your baby motivated and getting them on their foot on their own.



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