How Long Do Babies Sleep In Cribs (And Why)?

How Long Do Babies Sleep In Cribs (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 3 years

The babies may crib up to 3 years. Some babies would stop sleeping in cribs after 6 months. The time would be different for each and every baby. Some parents allow the babies to sleep in the crib after 6 months. It’s not safe to make the newborn baby sleep in a crib, and the parents should wait till the baby becomes 3 to 4 months old.

There are many conditions that will affect how long babies sleep in cribs. No parents should allow the baby to sleep in their own room before they become 2 to 3 years old. Actually, it depends on the doctor’s recommendation. The doctor would be the best person to say when the baby can shift to the crib as the doctor knows the health condition, stability, and requirements of the baby very well.

Many parents take the help of a crib as it is difficult to manage the baby in bed. The baby can move very easily to the sides of the bed and there the baby may fall. This fear makes the parents make the baby sleep in the crib.

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How Long Do Babies Sleep In Cribs?

Babies Sleep In CribsTime
Minimum time6 months
Maximum time3 years

The main purpose to shift the babies in the cribs is to make them understand how to stay in bed. The baby may not know how to be stable in the bed. Therefore, letting them sleep in the crib would help bring stability and balance. Some babies may start learning how to sleep in bed when they become 6 months old.

There will be some babies that will learn how to be stable when they become 3 years old. The time would be different for each baby as they have different mentality and preferences. The babies need to sleep with the parents for around 2 to 4 months before sleeping in the cribs.

Some babies may have to shift to the crib earlier as they may not sleep in bed properly. Another fear the parents would have when the babies are in cribs is that they may try some tactics. If the baby is very small, then there won’t be any issues. If the baby is above 1 or 2 years, then the baby may try to jump out of the crib.

Therefore, it’s not great to allow the baby to sleep in the crib for more than 2 to 3 years. The parents must check all the activities of the babies. The babies who are very active may be at risk when sleeping in the crib. As they may try any stunt when the parents are sleeping.

Why Do Babies Sleep In Cribs For This Long?

The babies need huge attention and care from their parents. It’s vital to avoid any pressure on the baby while the baby is sleeping. Therefore to avoid repercussions such as infant death syndrome, the baby should sleep in a crib. Sleeping in a crib would protect the baby from any suffocation and pressure.

The baby can enjoy sleeping on a flat surface with complete protection. Sleeping in a crib would also prevent the baby from choking. Choking is a very serious problem that may call for infant death. Therefore, the parents should avoid bringing the baby to the bed for sleep.

As you never know when your hands can suffocate the baby. If someone wants to give their babies safe sleep with minimal disturbances, then cribs are the best option. The parents can bring the babies to the bed for playing or feeding. Comforting them outside the crib is also important, but not for sleeping purposes.

The mother and father contact is also important for the baby. The parents should be there for the baby when the baby is going through a transition phase.


The babies can grow very fast if they breathe properly without any obstruction. It’s vital to allow the baby to sleep in their comfort zone. Therefore, choosing a crib would give the baby a safe protected sleep. The baby would grow faster both physically and mentally if they have good health and sound sleep.

The mothers can make sure the babies are comfortable in the cribs. If the baby is not finding the crib comfortable, then talk to the expert for better clarity.


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