How Long After Dragon Age 2 Is Inquisition (And Why)?

How Long After Dragon Age 2 Is Inquisition (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After about ten years after the origins

Dragon Age: Inquisition was published by Electronic Arts early in 2014 and was developed by Bioware. The game is actually the sequel of Dragon Age 02. It is a video game that gained a loud audience in an impressive duration and stood on the expectations of the creators and management team.

As per the facts, Dragon Age: Inquisition is the third major game in the franchise. 18 November 2018 was its official and initial release date. The game uses Frostbite as its engine and has won several amazing awards like The Game Award for the Game of the Year, The Game Award for the Best Role-Playing Game, and GLAAD Media Award for Special Recognition.

How Long After Dragon Age 2 Is Inquisition

How Long After Dragon Age 2 Is Inquisition?

Minimum10 years
Maximum13 years

Coming under the Action genre, the game was successfully released under the official surveillance of the management team and came to the commercial streets in 2014. The story revolves around a player protagonist known as Inquisitor, who is on their way to settle the civil unrest and chaos in Thedas continent. The Inquisitor basically aims to shut a mysterious tear in the sky to restrict the demons and evils from affecting the world.

Platforms like Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox36O are supportable to the game, and users can have an aesthetic time spending their convenient time on the game through the active platforms. It has both modes of playing – Single-player and Multi-player, which allows the gamers to play as per their availability and convenience. The game got worldwide fame and love as it was heavily praised by the critics for its breath-taking graphics, user-friendly controls, versatile facilities, and a wonderful taste of the action.

The game made a tremendous inauguration of its own kind and after that, never cared to turn back once. The game has the audacity like that of a Lion, and its quality is the transparent proof of it. The creative team behind it has put all its might in the game to make this game an own of its kind and the management team has also spent sleep-deprived nights to make the game a genuine surprise for the gamers.

Dragon Age 2

The game was under construction for a period of time. All the staff behind Its creation were completely dedicated to making the game user-friendly, easily available, affordable, and acceptable. The sole purpose behind all these intentions was to make the game in such a way that no user attached to it gets a chance to regret taking it.

Why Is Inquisition So Long After Dragon Age 2?

Dragon Age: Inquisition or Dragon Age 03 as it is commonly known in society, is the third major part of the Dragon Age sequel and has made a significant impact. It has successfully won the trust of millions of gamers and the fact cannot be denied. Standing on expectations is not always easy, but the game made it like a cakewalk. There are questions about the reason for the time gaps between the sequel and many people want to know the reason.

Answering the questions, a game is loved by the audience only if the users find the concept very intriguing and worthy and it takes a hefty amount of time to create such deep and meaningful concepts. The management team and related staff attached to the game always try their best to bring out the best for the gamers, so it is now clearly evident that building a lineup and story for the upcoming parts is never easy and takes time.

Dragon Age 2

Creating more challenges, levels, and stages is a cumbersome thing to work on and every successful effort demands time. Even from a gamer’s perspective, you would always like to know every tit and bit of the game, and the more the duration, the better the essence of the game. You will get to decipher plenty of things and discover some too.

That is why the genre is role-playing. Also, a time gap allows the makers and users to arrange the necessities and get themselves ready for a future embark.


Time taken is always directly proportional to the quality of creation and in the end, if the quality delivered is appreciable, then all the wait and time spent is worth it. Every gamer once in his/her gaming career regrets his/her performance at a certain point.

The regret can be anything starting from a performance in an initial stage/level to the gameplay throughout. To avoid such minor or major mistakes, we must always swim the whole length of the information pool, which will always help us better understand. Every gamer wants to stand unique with his game and this game has the capability that can uplift the user’s performance and morale.


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