How Long After DVD Release Does Netflix Stream (And why)?

Exact Answer: 28 Days  

Entertainment has changed its form in many ways, from black and white movies to colored to better sound quality from damp audio in the film.

Today with the ever-growing popularity of web series and films, people prefer OTT platforms, the new entertainment method. Over the top streaming platforms are Netflix, prime video, and Hulu, which use the internet to stream films and web series.

All the movies available on Netflix except the original films are first released in the theatres and then available on the streaming platforms for the subscriber to watch or access them.

Every film on Netflix may take a lot of time or significantly less time to stream and be made accessible to the user.

How Long After DVD Release does Netflix Stream


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How Long After DVD Release does Netflix Stream?

A film is released in the theatre, or when it hits the box office, the film can be only watched in the theatre and no other platforms. But Netflix claims that most movies that hit the box office are available to stream within 28 days.

Netflix can stream the film only after buying the streaming right and using it under fair use. Else the company cannot bring the movie or stream on the app.

There are two ways in which Netflix streams the movies on their platforms that is through. A pre-contract between the production house and the company or buying the streaming right with perks for the production house.

Today, Netflix has grown a lot with a market valuation of billion dollars; the company has already partnered with the major production houses today: Disney, marvel studio, Warner Bros, paramount pictures, and universal studios.

After the movie hits the box office, these production houses send a digital copy to the company. It specifies the time after which the company can stream the film, after 28 days.

Many production houses which do not have a contract with the company or Netflix talk about buying the movie rights. If the company and the production house agree on common ground, then the movie can be streamed.

But if the movie performed well and was a hit, then either the company or the production house may take more time to stream.

FactorsTime Before Streaming
A pre-contract28 Days
A post-contract45 Days
Hit/ Popular movie60 Days
Up to the mark film15 Days

Why Does Netflix take so Long to Stream after the DVD Release?

Netflix buys the rights before it can stream any movie or even a tv show on its platform, and for people to use Netflix, they need to buy a monthly subscription for a certain amount of money.

There is a time barrier of 28 days before Netflix Streams the movie on their platform. Still, this time can depend on various factors that are the contract between the company with the production house and the movie’s popularity.

The production houses produce the movie and sell the rights to the company; Netflix is in contract with the major production houses meaning the company itself sends a copy and asks them to stream within a period.

But if the company approaches another house, the company can either sell the right or even place a bid between different OTT platforms and sell the requests, and the highest price possible can add up to the time or, in a few cases, the time movie not stream.

Popularity is a significant factor as if the movie was adequate or was up to the mark in the theatres, then the production house, without a chance, asks Netflix to buy stream to generate more revenue.


But if the movie was outstanding, then the production house and the company simultaneously put the film on hold majority because it creates a lot of curiosity for the movie’s release.

Holding is effective for both as after the release, Netflix gains significant traffic with a million views that generate a ton of revenue for both parties.


Today entertainment has changed its form, and the OTT platform has become a way for the people that allow them to stream movies and tv show on mobile and tv with an internet connection and a subscription fee.

The OTT platforms can only stream the movie after 28 days after the film hits the box office, but this time is not fixed based on two factors: the contract between the production house and the company. And the popularity

The company has to buy the movies right from the studios or the production house; if it is a regular company contract, the cinema releases within a short span.  




Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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