How Long After Cyclobenzaprine Can I drink Alcohol (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 24 to 30 hours

Muscle relaxers are a group of drugs that are known for relieving muscular spasms or pain. They are recommended to help those features that are related to conditions such as headaches and back pains. Cyclobenzaprine, most commonly sold beneath the brand name Flexeril also related to a class of drugs called muscle relaxants. 

If you are under any medication, it is strictly endorsed to avoid consuming alcohol. Few people unexpectedly mix cyclobenzaprine with alcohol while under prescribed medication. Contrarily, 40% of people mix deliberately to intensify the effect of both. Blending Cyclobenzaprine with alcohol will be risky and leads to a hazardous and deadly situation. 

How Long After Cyclobenzaprine Can I drink Alcohol

How Long After Cyclobenzaprine Can I drink Alcohol?

In our human body, Cyclobenzaprine continues for a quite long time. As per the report verified, the life-span of the respective drug, that is the period that an average human body takes to assimilate and start its action and the amount of time required to remove it from the body, ranges from 8 hours to 37 hours in most of the people of 30-45 years. But, this life span relies on numerous components of human beings including people’s age, functioning of the liver, and genetics.

The older and people who have impaired functioning of the liver tend to react slower to the relaxers than expected. If you presume that you can assimilate the cyclobenzaprine more rapidly, even 24 hours after a single 10mg dose, at least 1.25mg of cyclobenzaprine is still found in your system. Though it is a short treatment, its effect is long-lasting.

Similar effects of Alcohol and CyclobenzaprineFLEXERIL 5 mg

If you are attempting to drink, bear in mind that alcohol and cyclobenzaprine have the same result on your central nervous system. Since it stays in the system for a couple of hours, waiting for a minimum of 24 hours once your last dose of cyclobenzaprine is completed is necessary to get drunk.

Still, a limited amount of alcohol should be consumed for a couple of days. Consuming alcohol while on medication is discouraged, however not contraindicated. Few are even recommended to wait for three days to consume alcohol.

Why Do You Need To Wait That Long To Have Alcohol?

Cyclobenzaprine and alcohol each equally lighten the strength of the Nervous system. Both work together and tend to affect the nerves of the brain, which also might reduce the functions of respiration and heart rate additionally. Sometimes, Alcohol destroys the fibers of muscles. You may also feel calm or sleep-headed sometimes. 

Since Cyclobenzaprine and alcohol both show a sedative way of effect, massively blending both composites on your body severely. Mixing both will create the results of muscle relaxers not in an exceedingly great way and additionally more extreme. Generally, this is a short-term treatment and not prescribed for more than 2-3 weeks.

Consuming alcohol might result in relaxing and pain-killing consequences, but preferring both is not recommended by professionals. Moreover, both alcohol and muscle relaxers are always potentially addictive drugs that should be avoided.

It will result in doubtless dangerous symptoms, likely:

  1. Increased somnolence or fatigue
  2. Light-headedness
  3. Slowed respiration

Medications such as muscle relaxers(Cyclobenzaprine) mix with an alcoholic compound and change its method along with the chemical structure it follows which does not give better results. If you’ve consumed alcohol already, put an end to it instantly. The course of action is quick and its reactions eventually take from 4-6 hours to subside.

To be secure and safe, it is best to consult your respective health professionals immediately, particularly if you don’t drink frequently or have taken beyond one or two drinks.


It is also necessary to avoid involving in driving when you have consumed alcohol along with your prescribed medication. Because it may lead to a serious indication of hazardous accident due to sleepiness which is caused by the deadly combination of Cyclobenzaprine and alcohol.

Once you are addicted to the use of Muscle relaxers, your brain gets used to its results. And when you choose to get relieved from the addiction, you might get several symptoms. Relying on the particular drug if you are addicted to it, there are various treatment choices available to urge mitigated from addiction.


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