How Long After Pneumonia Can I Drink Alcohol (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After At Least One Week

Pneumonia falls under the category of an inflammatory condition known to affect an individual’s lungs. Tiny air sacs that are present in the lungs are affected by this disease. These air sacs are known as alveoli. The most common symptoms of the disease include one or all dry cough, severe chest pain, difficulty in breathing, and high fever.

The severity of the condition of a patient suffering from pneumonia depends on that person’s immune system. Some patients are already suffering from some lung issues, and then pneumonia can prove fatal for them. Pneumonia is an exceptionally infectious disease, and the patient must be taken care of appropriately for faster treatment and better recovery.

How Long After Pneumonia Can I Drink Alcohol

How Long After Pneumonia Can I Drink Alcohol?

Pneumonia is a severe disease and is known to affect all significant sections of society. Old-aged people and young children are also more likely to get affected by this disease. Young people who are already suffering from a previous disease or are chronically ill are also prone to this disease. Pneumonia affects approximately four hundred and fifty million people worldwide each year, around seven percent of the entire earth’s population. Out of these many cases, around four million deaths occur every year due to Pneumonia. These facts show the ill effects of Pneumonia on the human race.

Pneumonia was first discovered a long time ago, and it was considered a prevalent disease because of its usual symptoms such as fever and cough. However, more severe patients started complaining of breathing issues which led to the conclusion that this disease is more fatal than thought. Home remedies were earlier used to prevent the patient from dying. But as modern innovations were made, various antibiotics and vaccines related to Pneumonia were introduced in the 20th century, leading to a decrease in the number of deaths by many folds.

Sex Of An IndividualTime After Pneumonia To Drink Alcohol
MaleAt least one week
FemaleAround two weeks

It is advised not to consume alcohol when a person is suffering from Pneumonia. A male patient who recovered from Pneumonia must wait for a week before consuming alcohol. In female patients, around two weeks of recovery time should be given to the body before resuming alcohol habits.

Why Does It Take That Long After Pneumonia To Drink Alcohol?

The primary cause of Pneumonia is infection with various viruses or bacteria. Other microorganisms also contribute to infecting a person with pneumonia, but such cases are few. Identifying the exact pathogen responsible for causing the disease is a difficult task. Diagnosis is most confirmed by symptoms or after carrying out a physical examination. Multiple blood tests and Chest X-rays are performed on the patient to confirm infection in the body.

It takes that long after pneumonia to drink alcohol because consumption of alcohol immediately after recovering or being infected can reduce the ability of the body to fight the infection. The body’s immunity level decreases after drinking alcohol, and the lungs are also severely affected by it. Consuming alcohol can increase the risk of spreading the infection in the parts of the trachea and lungs. It is crucial to take proper precautions to recover from the infection fastly.


12 November is termed as the World Pneumonia Day in all parts of the world. It is done to create awareness and help people understand the harmful effects caused by the disease. Pneumonia is one of the leading causes of death, and it is imperative to control the infection rate in different sections of society. It is also crucial to follow all the medical guidelines in place by multiple medical experts to be safe from infection and lead a healthy life.


Overall, it can be concluded that Pneumonia is a disease affecting people from all age groups and accounts for millions of deaths each year globally. The common symptoms of the disease include cough and fever. But some patients also complain of breathing issues.

On average, a patient must wait for at least a week to consume alcohol after recovering from the disease. The body needs time to heal correctly, and the lungs must rest enough to start working correctly again. Drinking alcohol might worsen the medical condition of a recently recovered patient. It is necessary to follow all the safety instructions provided by the medical expert while fighting the infection.


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