How Long After Dating To Get Married (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1-2 Years

Most couples date for one to two years before one of them pops the question to the other one. However, this might not be the case for every couple because some couple takes some time before they decide on getting married.

If a person decides on an arranged marriage then that would be a separate case. Couples get engaged once they have completed a maximum of one year of their relationship. Most couples are yet to get into corporate life and that is also one of the reasons why it takes some time for them to pop the question till they get engaged.

How Long After Dating To Get Married

How Long After Dating To Get Married?

Couples staying in a relationshipOn an average, a couple stays in a relationship for about one to two years.
Popping the questionOnly after couples get to know each other for about one to two years then one of them pops the question to the other one.

If you have been in a relationship for more than five years then your story would be different than most of the other couples those who have been in their relationship less than a year or so. However, the exact time might vary from one couple to the other.

There have been certain data where it showed that the average length of a relationship before their marriage is about two to five years. You can find different couples having different thoughts about their marriage. Some people want to enjoy their freedom before they are engaged with someone.

However, most people have the mindset that firstly they would want to achieve their career goals and then they will decide about their marriage decision planning. However, in Indian families, it is the family who decides or arranges an arranged marriage for their children.


But, in the recent generation, people are into love marriages which has also become very common these days. Many couples decide to delay their marriage but this does not mean that they are not creating lives together.

People who have done love marriages have a better chance of a successful married life because they know their partner very well. However, this does not mean that arranged marriages are not meant to be successful.

Why Does It Take That Long After Dating To Get Married?

One thing that should be clear that not all people will have the same kind of mindset because we all are different and we have different experiences with people. Most people lack social skills and therefore they are not able to communicate and get with people and this is why dating becomes a difficult option for them.

Marriage is a huge decision because you will be selecting your life partner and this is a really serious decision to make. This is also one of the reasons why most people become nervous because they really do not know how to react when the question or marriage arises.


Marriages are expensive too because things are not cheap nowadays and this is one of the reasons why most people delay their marriages because first, their primary aim is to make money and then decide for marrying.

If you are in a long-time relationship with your partner then you will know many things about your partner and if you are happy with that person then you will be happy to marry that person. This is not the case when it comes to arranged marriages because that is a different case where a person meets a different person or a stranger.


In the end, you decide whether you are ready for marriage or not. If you are in a successful relationship where you have mutual respect and understanding then you will most likely have a wonderful married life.

Once you have decided to marry the love of your life then there should be nothing to get nervous about because you know your partner has got your back whenever you face a setback in your life. Make decisions that you do not regret later on but this does not mean that you will exclude your parents.

Remember to tell your parents about everything that you are going through. Your folks should be happy too because they too want to see you happy.


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