How Long After Dating Should You Propose (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Two Years

Male and females get attracted to each other and get into a relationship. The relationship might be a long one, and on the other hand, it can be for a few months too. But, people move in if they have a serious relationship. In most cases, before starting the relationship, people date each other, which helps them know themselves better and whether they have the qualities they want.



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Dating is the phase when the individual involved in a relationship get to know each other. It is also known as the courting period when each individual gets acquainted with the other’s likes, dislikes, interests, and disinterests. The dating phenomenon has become an essential part of the romantic process of matchmaking in the modern era.

How Long After Dating Should You Propose

How Long After Dating Should You Propose?

Usually, you can be in a serious relationship, and there is an excellent understanding between you and your partner. However, before you start dating someone, you always stay single and work on things like working on your career and other essential things. People who are motivated can think of things like these to move in quickly as they don’t need to depend on someone else and can manage all expenses independently. A serious relationship can also result in the couple getting married.

There is no standard timeline for waiting for dating, then proposal, then engagement, and finally marriage. As such, there exists no normal time frame that determines the perfect span for dating and then proposing to your partner. One cannot rely on a foolproof method of identifying the correct time to get hitched. However, it is possible to devise an overall average from research conducted in this arena.

Events After DatingTime After Dating
Getting into a serious relationshipTwo to three months
Proposing and getting marriedTwo years

Couples tend to get into a serious relationship after two to three months of dating. After that, if both of them are comfortable and love each other, they propose and get married in two years.

Why Does It Take That Long After Dating To Propose?

Sometimes, it happens that couples come into a serious relationship and then move in together. But after living together for some time, they realize that things are not working out between them, and they decide to break up. In such cases, you will need four to five months if you have been dating your partner for more than a year. You keep thinking about your relationship all the time as soon as you break up with your partner. Therefore, try to think positively and do things that will distract your mind from the recently ended relationship.

It is essential to understand all the facets of the person you propose to share your life with. Getting acquainted with individuals’ real personalities outside the romance phase or the honeymoon period of the initial days in a relationship is essential. This helps both partners realize whether or not they are well-suited for each other. Moreover, some couples may have a more prolonged engagement after they begin to date because of certain contingencies like employment opportunities or educational considerations.

It takes that long after dating to propose because you have to be patient to understand what your partner likes. It is crucial to value their choices and love them equally. Similarly, some couples have to wait until they receive their educational degree or secure enough finances to fund a wedding and the life afterward. In such cases, marriage gets inevitably delayed, even though the couple would want to get hitched at the earliest.


Overall it can be concluded that you have to take care of yourself by taking care of your things. You have to think about things that are important before dating someone. But first, do things that will motivate you to concentrate on your work. Then it is effortless to move in with your partner and love each other every day.

On average, people propose and get married after two years of dating. You should use the time to love your partner as much as you can and spend quality time keeping each other happy. Again this estimate is an average representation of the time frame between dating and proposal. It may vary from one couple to another based on their specific desires, contingencies, and circumstances.


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