How Long After Death Is A Sikh Funeral (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Ten Days

Every Organism which was born on earth must die some or other time. However, the life span of different species may vary. Similarly, human beings can also lead long life depending upon the health conditions and circumstances around them. But one day will come when death will arrive, and everyone will rest in peace.



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Every Organism on the Earth comprises organic compounds which are helpful for living. Life on earth appeared approximately 4.2 billion years ago in the form of Bacteria. Consequently, at a rapid rate, the other organisms also started to develop. Humans evolved nearly two billion years ago. Every creature dies at different ages. Animals like dogs survive for approximately fifteen years. Whereas human beings typically live for seventy years.

How Long After Death Is A Sikh Funeral

How Long After Death Is A Sikh Funeral?

Generally, when we speak of the average life of a human, we think of 100 years. However, depending upon the present conditions, the life span is hardly hundred years. Many activities held by humans like industries, cutting down trees, extensive use of chemicals increased have affected the length of a person’s life. Many transformations took place in the species of Humans as they grew in multiple stages. Studies have shown that the life span of a person is decreasing gradually. It can be attributed to the pollution released into the atmosphere, changing the health habits of people.

There are multiple religions in the world. The religion with the largest population globally is Christianity that comprises more than thirty-one percent of the world’s population. Islam is the second-largest in terms of population, and approximately twenty-four percent population follow Islam. Around sixteen percent of people belong to no religion as they take an oath that they serve humanity and not a religion. Hinduism is another popular religion consisting of fifteen percent of the total population. The remaining population consists of other religions such as the Sikhs, Jews, Buddhists, and others.

EventsInformation Regarding The Event
Funeral Of A Sikh PersonTwo days after the death
Time For The FuneralIt takes around one hour

A death is considered a regrettable incident. After the death of a Sikh person, the funeral is organized after two days. Close relatives and friends generally attend the funeral, and it is concluded in one hour.

Why Does It Take That Long After Death For A Sikh Funeral?

Many scientists are researching why do human beings become old and die. The cells in our body regenerate after old cells die. This cycle repeats during the lifetime of a human being. However, the process will slow down as we get old. Eventually, it stops and leads to the death of the person. This process, however, does takes close to seventy years in humans. It is crucial to lead a healthy life and not indulge in drinking and smoking as these can shorten the life period.

The life span of a human is decreasing due to many factors. These factors are significantly occurring in the present world of Globalization and Industrialization, which alter humans’ status and increase human-made calamities. Several factors lead to a decrease in the life span of Humans—accidents during traveling, Economic inequalities, increasing pollution, and many more. Rapid population growth that results in poverty ultimately leads to a short life span. Apart from that, a person may also be subjected to mental illness. Family or personal issues can also affect the life span of Humans.

It takes that long for a Sikh funeral after death because certain rituals need to be completed before organizing the funeral. It is crucial not to neglect the ethics and culture of religion. If everything is done ethically, it is believed that the dead person will go to heaven.


Finally, it can be concluded that before the medical advancement, many people lost their lives due to various diseases which were incurable at that time. Hence most of them might have died at their young age. But at the same time, some persons lived more than a hundred years. The range of life span is wide.

On average, the funeral of a Sikh person is organized after two days of his death. It takes two days because some rituals and ethics must be followed in every religion before conducting a funeral. A funeral is an unfortunate function and is only attended by close friends and family members.


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