How Long After Someone Dies Is The Funeral Australia (And Why)?

How Long After Someone Dies Is The Funeral Australia (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 – 5 days

It is incredibly sad and sorrowful to hear that a loved one has passed away. After their death, their funeral follows. The funeral is an event to remember and honor the person who had passed away.

Different cultures and religions have different definitions of what the funeral should be like and how it should be held. But one thing remains constant in all of them, the funeral allows their loved ones to mourn and grieve their loss, as well as celebrating the life that the person had lived.

A funeral is just like any other event when it comes to planning, and it even requires a funeral director sometimes to plan the funeral from the beginning to the end.

How Long After Someone Dies Is The Funeral Australia

How Long After Someone Dies Is The Funeral Australia?

Duration between death and funeral2-5 days
Why is the funeral held?To celebrate the life that they’ve lived, and to allow loved ones to grieve
How long can the body be left while embalmed?1-2 weeks
How long can the body be left while refrigerated?3-4 weeks

A funeral is an event that is held after the death of someone. A funeral has a proper structure and it contains a starting, middle, and end. It allows the loved ones to mourn and grieve the person who has passed away.

It also helps other members of the community to express their condolences and social attachments to the loved ones of the person who passed away.

A funeral is called a rite of passage, which everyone including both the living loved ones and the deceased is involved in.

The funeral is divided into three sections. First is the visitation, where the deceased is placed in the casket and is set out so guests and loved ones can pay their respects and spend some time with the deceased and the mourning family.


Next is the funeral service. This takes place in a church, or at a funeral home, or by the grave in the cemetery. The funeral service can consist of music, singing hymns, a eulogy, reading religious passages or a piece of literature, and prayers.

Lastly, the committal service takes place. This can include either the burial of the deceased or the cremation of the body and dispersal of the ashes. If the deceased is being buried, then the committal service includes the procession of vehicles to the cemetery. Then, it involves the burial of the casket with the body of the deceased.

The funeral is planned out and executed by the funeral director who is hired by the bereaved family. If a funeral director is not hired, then any one of the loved ones can take the responsibility and conduct the funeral.

Why Does It Take That Long For Funeral After Someone Dies?

After the death of a loved one, you most likely will be required to get the Cause of Death Certificate, which is signed by a doctor. The location of their death and the cause of their death can cause several variations in the forms.

Then a funeral director is hired to gather the information that is necessary to process all the documents that are needed to receive the death certificate. In addition, the funeral director will control and plan the deceased’s transport.

The Death Certificate and the Cause of Death Certificate are two different documents. The Death Certificate is the document that is used to officially register the death of the person. Meanwhile, the Cause of Death Certificate is signed and provided by a doctor.

Then you may decide if the deceased needs to be buried or cremated. Religion, culture, and preference play a huge role in this decision.


After the death, you may choose to wait for 2-5 days to hold the funeral. This gives relatives, family, and friends who are out of town to arrive for the funeral. In addition, it gives you the time to properly plan out the funeral and make all the essential arrangements for it.

You may not be able to wait longer than a week to hold the funeral because the body will be at risk of decomposition. If the process of decomposition begins, then it will be really difficult and unpleasant to transport the deceased and conduct a public viewing at the funeral.

This is why it is important to hold the funeral as soon as possible, within 2 to 5 days after the person’s death.


Therefore, we can understand that most people prefer to hold the funeral at least 2-5 days after their death. This is to allow all friends and family to arrive if they are guests from out of the town. In addition, it also allows the funeral director or the person in charge to make all necessary arrangements and preparations for the funeral.

Losing a loved one can be very scary and sad, and you may be under too much stress or just not up to taking charge and holding the funeral. This is where the funeral director comes into play, as they will take full responsibility and see it till the end.


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