How Long After Jesus Died Was He Resurrected (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Three Days

Jesus died between 28AD to 29AD at the age of about 35-40 years. While it is difficult to collect the exact timings of these events while going through the Bible, some researchers and historians believe that the incidents of the resurrection of Jesus took place somewhere between the first week post his death.

Jesus was a man who was preached by many people and was believed to be a god. Many people believed that he had taken birth to help the poor and punish those torturing the innocents. Jesus himself said that he would come back in some form after his death and live between all his disciples and save them from any danger.

How Long After Jesus Died Was He Resurrected

How Long After Jesus Dies Was He Resurrected?

As most of the eyewitnesses of Jesus’s life were dead or were very old, the proofs of his resurrection were based on the things that various people heard about him. Most of the writings in the bible or other gospels were based on ideas or views of the people who saw Jesus. Some people also believed that he had the power to do a miracle and even defeat death. However, this was never the case as he was crucified and was given a brutal death. Even after this, his followers believed that a god could not be killed and return in some days.

According to the old testaments and the new ones and all the written gospels, it is believed that he did come back three days after his death. His preachers said that he returned from the dead and gave them instructions on leading a good life and fighting the devils in the world. Jesus asked them not to give up and fight for their rights. After this, it is believed that Jesus went to heaven. Some people believe that this is just a made-up story by some of his followers, which is not valid. His resurrection is not something that can be confirmed as all the people of that time are dead.

EventInformation About The Event
Death Of Jesus28-29 AD
Resurrection Of JesusThree days post his death

It is believed that Jesus was given an unfortunate death, but he did not care about his life and only wanted the well-being of his followers. He died somewhere in 28-29 AD. His resurrection took place three days after death, but there are no confirmations about the same.

Why Did It Take That Long After Jesus’s Death For His Resurrection?

The birth of Jesus is not concretely known to many people, but it is believed that he was born somewhere between six and four BC. His preachings started in around twenty-five AD, and according to this, he must have died somewhere just before 30 AD. His death was always a topic of discussion as people believed that it is impossible to kill a god. Many people believed that his crucified body would come back in life.

It takes that long after Jesus’s death for his resurrection because it is believed that he wanted to observe what his followers will do once he is gone. His followers believed that Jesus wanted to give them time to regroup and fight their own battles as they thought that God couldn’t support those who don’t support themselves. After waiting for three days, his disciples said that Jesus had come back to save his preachers.

The same happening of events and incidents that transpired at the time of Jesus can never be confirmed, but it is sure that he was one of the most loved people, and his followers worshiped him without any greed. His teachings were ideal, and he always wanted peace and happiness in the world.


Finally, it can be concluded that Jesus was loved and worshipped by many, and many people around the world follow his teachings. It is believed that he was born somewhere between six and four BC and was always present in human form between his disciples.

It is believed that Jesus was resurrected three days after his death, and after giving lessons to his followers, he went to heaven. His disciples preached to him like a god, and his words were considered the ultimate truth. After Jesus was crucified, his preachers worshipped his dead body and believed that he would soon return in some other form.


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