How Long After Domestic Violence Can I Report It (And Why)?

How Long After Domestic Violence Can I Report It (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Anytime

What most of the crowd knows about domestic violence is the beating of women for any particular reason. But what it means is any kind of mental, physical, emotional, or sexual torture in the home that affects the state of mind of the victim. When it says victim, it could be of any age, group, community, and sex.

There is no specific time to report for such violence. As soon as the victim finds that the situation is over the brim, he/she can report to it. Most of the sufferers do not even know that they are being a victim to domestic violence. This is the most vulnerable fact to take notice of.

How Long After Domestic Violence Can I Report It

How long After The Domestic Violence Can I Report It?

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2.Mental or EmotionalAnytime

Domestic violence is one of those problems that are majorly experienced by a large section of women. It is followed by beating physically to harassing mentally as well as sexually. Initially, it was only experienced by the women. But in today’s time, crime has appeared and mounted for almost every human living inside the four corners.

Observing the brimming scenes of domestic violence, the ministry of women and child development along with the government initiated an act namely the Protection Of Women From Domestic Violence Act 2005. The act came into action in 2005. According to the law, a person is termed as the “aggrieved person” when he\she has become a victim to this kind of violence. It is granted all over India except Jammu and Kashmir.

Domestic Violence

There is reportedly no such specific time to file a case for this. Awareness regarding the difference between being a housemaker and a victim of this terrible happening should be spread. The more accomplishment of educating the mob about domestic violence, the more early people will identify it.

Why It Takes This Long To Report For The Domestic Violence?

Most of the recorded incident explains that it is an ongoing intergenerational abuse that enforces them to consider it as acceptable and normal. Two people tied in a relationship officially or unofficially finds it as a right for one and tolerable for the other. Lack of awareness and education could be one of the reasons for the delay.

Another reason could be the image of the family or the spouse. In India, our women worship their husbands and are taught to sacrifice everything for them. Some are financially unable to support themselves and their children. These things pressurize them to stay quiet and bear the agony in silence. They are afraid to speak up for them.

The major reasons causing domestic violence are forced marriages, the desire for a boy, abortion, dowry, etc. No doubt when people find domestic violence as some mishappening with a woman because it is recorded that more than 80% of domestic violence victims come out to be women. Domestic violence is the most underreported crime on the global platform.

Domestic Violence

In fact, many of the cases are unnoticed or unregistered. It is sad but the true image of our civilized society. We are so obsessed with maintaining pseudo civilized standards, still, never try to solve the issue. It is the harsh reality of our society.


Crimes like domestic violence should be cut and thrown out from the root. For this, accepting the painful past of the victim and supporting them is the major step to take. All they need during such miseries is the strength to report to police or domestic violence against women and children welfare groups. A small sympathy towards the aggrieved person can build a great pillar of power in them.

Therefore, as soon as a person starts smelling the smoke of domestic violence with him/her or around him/her, they should file a case of domestic violence. There is no such place of heaven for those vultures who tries to overpower or dominate any person of any caste, sex, or community mentally, economically, and especially physically.



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  1. It’s crucial to continue the conversation about domestic violence and take action to put an end to it.

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  3. Raising awareness and educating others about domestic violence is vital in addressing this societal problem.

  4. It’s really amazing how people are starting to know more about this. It’s time to do something about it.

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