How Long Are Jordan 1 Laces (And Why)?

How Long Are Jordan 1 Laces (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 140 cm

The Air Jordan brand is known for its athletic clothing and runners. They also produce sneakers for other basketball stars and combine them with Michael Jordan’s line. Under the Michael Jordan brand, Jordans has produced a total of 23 pairs of sneakers. Jordans also had a lot of success creating basketball jerseys for college and professional teams.

Jordans uses a wide range of materials in their goods, including natural fibers such as cotton and wool, as well as synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, rubber, and leather.

The Jordan 1 is a basketball sneaker that was the first to be released under the Air Jordan Brand in 1985, owing to a collaboration between Nike and Mike. Jordan has a significant environmental effect. The vast quantity of Indian rubber and other man-made materials utilized to construct these sneakers, as well as the gases produced by the factories, are hazardous to the environment.

How Long Are Jordan 1 Laces

How Long Are Jordan 1 Laces?

Variations of Jordan 1 lacesLength
High lace150cm
Mid lace140cm

To maintain the lacing appearing authentic, the Jordan 1 is best tied using Flat laces 140 cm in length.

Three air pockets may be seen over the sole of the Jordan 1. The Jordan 1 is fastened with a Flat shoelace. The Jordan 1 shoes are fashioned with threaded lacing on all eight eyelets. The sneakers come with three sets of laces in total: red, black, and white, allowing for a variety of looks.

It’s critical to choose the right length for your shoelaces. It’s not dependent on your shoe size; instead, it’s based on the number of lacing holes (also known as eyelets) rows on your shoes.

The Nike Air Jordan 1 is available in three distinct versions. The Jordan 1 “Highs,” Jordan 1 “Mids,” and Jordan 1 “Lows” each have their shoelace size requirements. The longer the shoelaces must be, the more eyelets your shoes have. This is the same method used by Nike, Puma, and all other shoe companies to determine the length of their stock laces.

Shoelaces are not like apparel in that they will be unwearable if you get the wrong size. You may simply utilize smaller or larger laces in your sneakers; all you have to do is experiment with how you lace them.

The size of the Air Jordan 1 Shoelace is also determined by how they will be laced. If you want them to be “tied at the top” or “hang.”

Jordan 1 “High” lace-up to size 150cm to tie them 55′′, 140cm to hang them. Jordan 1 “Mid” lace-up to size 140cm to tie them and 114cm to hang them. Jordan 1 “Low” lace-up size 114cm to tie and hang them. The Nike Air Jordan 1 requires two different types of shoelaces. Nike Air Jordan 1 Sneaker, for example (High, Mid & Low) and flat leather shoelaces or flat waxed shoelaces are required.

Why Jordan 1 Laces Are So Long?

At the start, make sure you understand what length is optimal for your shoes. Shoelaces that are too short or too long may impair the performance and appearance of the shoe. Before you buy a pair of shoes, think about how you lace them – if you lace them up, go for the 59″ shoelaces. Choose the 44″ laces if you half-lace your Jordan shoes.

It might seem nearly difficult to find the appropriate length when ordering replacement laces if your laces have been broken or misplaced. Getting the right shoelaces you want does not have to be a difficult task. It’s advisable to measure your existing lace from tip to tip.

Take a chance at our convenient length. To figure out how many pairs of eyelets your shoe has, count the precise number of eyelets on one shoe and divide by two. If you have 8 eyelets, you will need to get 54 “or 140cm If you have ten eyelets, you will need to purchase 72 “or 183 centimeters.


The size of the Jordan shoes has always been accurate. The Air Jordan 1 is a sneaker that’s comfortable enough to wear all day due to its cushioned ankle support and stability. It’s also a shoe that’s great for those with broad feet because it’s quite adaptable. Measuring one of the laces you’re replacing is the simplest approach to determine the correct lace length.



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