How Long Does It Take For A Tree To Grow (And Why)?

How Long Does It Take For A Tree To Grow (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2-10 Years

In plant science or plant biology, the tree is known as a perennial plant. Perennial plants are plants that live more than two years on the planet earth. The tree has a strong physical appearance like an elongated stem or a trunk which is present to provide support to the branches and leaves in most of the plant species. The trees are considered narrower with the growth which only includes the wood plants due to the secondary growth of the plant.

The plants which reach a specific height then they are considered a tree. The trees are used as lumber. The lumber is the timber which is the woody part used for getting wood from the trunk.

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How Long Does It Take For A Tree To Grow?

The trees which are grown on the earth’s surface are of different species in different areas, and habitats. Trees are present on the earth since about 370 million years ago. The trees had evolved very much from the past like the trunk and the branches of the trees had changed a lot in terms of their heights. This evolution in the plant species is to compete for the sunlight in dense regions.

There is a total of three trillion trees of different species are present on the earth’s surface that are mature in the world. The tree has secondary branches which do not have direct support from the ground. The trunk of the tree is directly supported by the ground. The tree trunk has two types of tissues present in them. They have woody tissue and vascular tissue for different functioning. The woody tissue in the trunk is used for providing strength.

The vascular tissue in the trunk is used to carry the materials from one part of the tree to another part of the tree. These tree trunks are covered with a layer of bark, that is used to provide protection to the inner parts of the tree trunk. The tree has root branches under the ground which is a basic foundation of the tree. The roots are a very important part of the plant. These roots anchor the tree and absorb the moisture and nutritional content present in the soil.

The upper part of the tree has branches that further divide into small branches. These small branches grow green leaves, these green leaves are important for the process of photosynthesis. The green leaves contain chlorophyll in them which provides food to the whole plant. The process of photosynthesis is carried in the daytime in the presence of sunlight which converts the light energy into sugars.

SpeciesLife Span
Palm10 Years
Persimmon60 Years
Black Willow75 Years
Alaska Red Cedar3,500 Years

Why Does It Takes That Long For A Tree To Grow?

Trees play an important role in the ecosystem of the earth. The presence of the tree reduces the impact of soil erosion. It also helps to moderate the climatic conditions of the earth. They provide oxygen to all the living organisms present on the earth. These green tree leaves stores carbon dioxide exhaled by the living organisms in the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide is present in the bulk in the plant tissue used as food for their survival.

Trees have several advantages for the organisms present in the earth’s atmosphere. These trees provide habitats to the different types of species of plants, and animals. The most biodiverse habitat in the world is considered to be tropical Rainforest. Trees are a very important part of human life. They are used to provide shade, and shelter in ancient times. They provide timber for the construction works for buildings, for furniture. They are used for fuel purposes for cooking and provide fruits and vegetables.


Trees are very important for each and every species. Human activities are affecting the atmosphere very badly. We need to plant more and more trees to make the earth a better place to live.


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