How Long Does Your Hair Have To Be To Donate (And Why)?

How Long Does Your Hair Have To Be To Donate (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 8 To 14 Inches

Whether it is an individual or the public, hair is an important part of our identity. Hair is invaluable for people who have lost their hair due to certain health problems. Diseases such as cancer, alopecia areata, and heart disease can cause severe hair loss. Hair loss in cancer patients is the most traumatic side effect of chemotherapy. The patients have lost their confidence and dignity, and they are already experiencing pain.

Hair donation is a generous way to help people who need it maintain their identity and make them feel good. Generally speaking, this idea is a good way to do things for society. If someone wants to donate hair to cancer patients, then the hair must be healthy and free of hair dye or bleach. Children and adults can donate their hair. There are several places where you can donate your hair.

How Long Does Your Hair Have To Be To Donate

How Long Does Hair Have To Be To Donate?

It is important to follow the rules of the organization to use the hair. The minimum length of hair that needs to be donated is ranging from 8 to 14 inches. Different organizations have different length requirements for hair donations. If you don’t meet the requirements then the organization dispose of it. Some organizations sell the hair to meet the cost price of the wigs.

OrganizationsLength Requirements
Hair we share8 inches
Cope with cancer12 inches
Locks of love10

Most of the women cut or restyle their hair for styling or occasions. Instead of throwing them away, one can donate their hair so that someone feels good about them. So, if you’re willing to donate hair one should keep some points in mind. It should be decided which organization or charity to provide wigs to cancer patients. Choosing an organization is a personal choice. Different organizations accept hair donations such as Locks of Love gives their donation to children while Pantene’s Beautiful Length supports cancer patients. Do research the organization by mailing or visiting them personally to know more about them.

Do enough planning before sending it to the organization. Once you send the hair to the organization, they send it to the wig manufacturer. One should take care of their hair before donating because organizations don’t accept unhealthy hair. Every organization has its requirements. Pantene’s beautiful length accepts non-grey hair, Locks of Love accepts grey or dyed while Wigs of hair doesn’t accept dyed hair. Cancer patients or someone experiencing hair loss due to severe diseases gets the wigs.

Why Should Hair Be So Long To Donate?

The important thing is that the hair must be very long because wigs are to be made. Long hair brings enthusiasm and confidence to people who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy. Most of the women and children receive the wigs. For women, long hair is like their crowning glory, which will make them stronger and increase their self-esteem.

Organizations provide different guidelines for accepting hair donations from people. You can cut your hair in any salon, and you need to wash and tie your hair before you cut your hair. The hair length needs to be between 8 to 14 inches, if the hair is shorter than the required length, then it won’t be used. Fallen hair in the ground shouldn’t be donated because it is not used for making wigs. About 6 to 8 women’s hair is used to make one wig.

Make sure your hair is healthy. The organization does not use dreadlocks, tight curls, and bleached white hair. Temporary dyeing can be used, but it must be washed before cutting. The hair that has been cut for more than 3 to 4 years shouldn’t be donated.

Make sure to fill out the hair donor form. Before packing your hair, make sure your hair is dry and clean. Keep the hair in an airtight bag and send in an envelope with the hair donor form, and the barcode. The organization will send an email once they receive the hair.


Donating your hair is an easy way to help someone suffering from hair loss. A donation of hair is a gift to someone who can feel like a normal person again. People can also create a fundraising page where they can post pictures of people who have their hair cut. Donations from friends, family, and colleagues will help to get a good deal of donations for cancer patients.


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