How Long Hurt After Tooth Extraction (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 24 Hours

Even after you have been given anesthesia you might feel pain after the effects of it have passed. You will feel some pain after the tooth has been extracted and in the area, there will be some swelling and some amount of residual bleeding.

Swelling and bleeding might be severe in some cases and this is when you should call your dentist and let him know about it. Once the tooth has been extracted you will feel some amount of pain, and due to the pain, you will not be able to eat solid foods for a while. You will be given liquid foods for a few days before you start to feel normal again.

How Long Hurt After Tooth

How Long Hurt After Tooth Extraction?

Duration of painThe pain could last for about 24-72 hours.
How to know that the area is healing?Your gums will recover and you will not feel any pain. After a week the opening should be closed.

There could be various reasons as to why a tooth has to be removed because if the tooth is not removed on time then there could be various problems arising because of it. Permanent teeth are meant to last forever but due to some reasons they are removed and in place of that a new false tooth could be placed with the help of treatment.

If a tooth has been decayed and has been damaged fully then there is no chance that the tooth will repair on its own. The damaged tooth needs to be extracted because once the damaged part reaches deep below then you will feel severe pain.

Tooth Extraction

In case, your immune system is compromised then there is a huge chance of getting an infection. The nerves and all the blood vessels could attract several types of bacteria thus leading to an infection. This is one of the other conditions where a tooth should be extracted before it can cause any harm.

Dentists and oral surgeons are responsible for extracting your tooth or any other orally related matters. Before the procedure, your dentist might give you an injection which is also called local anesthetic so that the area will become numb and you will not feel any pain.

Why Does It Take That long After Tooth Extraction For The Pain To Go Away?

There is no exact answer to this question because there are several factors that determine how long your pain will stay. If the damage that has been caused is not that severe then there is a chance that you will not feel much pain for a long time.

Most people face severe damage and because of it, they feel a lot of pain, and that too for a longer period of time. However, with proper after-care treatment and with the help of medications the pain will be gone within a few days or even hours.

During the procedure, you will not feel any pain because you will be given a local anesthetic but as soon as the effects of the anesthetic are gone you will feel some amount of pain for a day or two. If the tooth is impacted then there is a chance that your dentist will also remove the gums too along with the bone tissue.

Tooth Extraction

Once the damaged tooth has been removed by your dentist successfully a blood clot is formed in the socket and then your dentist will pack a gauze pad into the socket and you will be asked to bite down on it so that the bleeding stops.


Before a tooth is extracted you should let your dentist know about anything else that you are suffering from or if you have had a previous tooth extraction or surgery. Although, pulling out a tooth is always safe and no problems are arising because of tooth extraction.

The gum tissues are always at a risk of getting infected and thus leading to infection. You should also follow all the instructions and guidelines that have been provided to you by your dentist so that no complications are arising later on.

Do not forget to let your dentist know about your medical history because if you are allergic to some kind of medicine then that should be avoided and your dentist should know about that.


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