How Long After Epidural Does Baby Come (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Two To Three Hours

Epidural is a kind of anesthetic that is used on women in labor. The chemical concoction of the epidural formula helps assuage the pain of the contractions felt by the pregnant woman. It is the most well-known and familiar pain relief intravenous injection that laboring moms either ask for or are offered by the medical staff in the hospital delivery rooms.



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As an inducing agent, Epidural works quite effectively in laboring moms. It can streamline the delivery process by a good number of hours. Once the drip is started, active labor may begin and end within four to six hours. Only in certain specific cases, Epidural takes longer to work than this upper time frame.

How Long After Epidural Does Baby Come

How Long After Epidural Does Baby Come?

Pregnancy is a glorious phase in a woman’s life. Her body goes through many changes to give birth to a new one out of herself. Apart from the care during pregnancy, a woman also needs to detect her pregnancy at the earliest. Early detection of pregnancy is very beneficial. It indicates the woman to take proper care of herself. It even prepares her for the gestation period. The gestation period demands extra care and attention from all the family members. There are cases in which the family, most notably the mother, has to go through the trauma of losing a baby due to negligence.

An epidural injection is pushed into the lower back of the laboring mother. It usually contains an anesthetic and an opioid like fentanyl. After this procedure is completed, the pregnant woman is asked to rest on her back, letting gravity distribute the medicine evenly. Within fifteen to twenty minutes, the lower back and surrounding regions become numb and pain-free. This helps women manage the pain of epidural-induced contractions. Medically induced labor is rigorous because it helps speed up the process of delivery. To manage this pain, relief medications are administered. Doctors tend to use an epidural as soon as possible after the drip because it helps assuage the pain of the contractions by numbing the area.

Condition Of MotherTime After Epidural For Baby To Come
First ChildTwo to three hours
Subsequent ChildOne hour

The baby comes shortly after the epidural. If this is the first child of a woman, then the baby comes in two to three hours after epidural. In contrast, when a woman has a subsequent child, then one hour is sufficient for the baby to come after epidural.

Why Does It Take That Long After Epidural For Baby To Come?

There are various signs and symptoms of pregnancy. The most common one is the missing of the regular periods. In cases of sexually active women, the signs of the missed period indicate pregnancy. Generally, the test done after the missed period yields the best results. But then, it even depends on the body of the mother. If her body may be unable to produce enough hormones, the test results may be altered. Therefore, if the women go for a test after missed periods to find negative results, she should repeat the tests after regular intervals.

During the initial days of pregnancy, the woman’s body undergoes a hell of a lot of hormonal changes. Due to the spike in progesterone levels, the woman may get tired soon. She would prefer to take frequent naps to boost her energy levels. However, these symptoms of fatigue fade away as the woman advances to her second trimester just before the delivery epidural is performed. The mother feels stable, and the procedure is not very much painful for the mother.

It takes that long after the baby to come after epidural because the baby needs to be in the proper position to take it out. So it takes time to align the baby in the right direction and take it out.


Overall, it can be concluded that inducing labor with an epidural can help streamline the delivery process. This is especially true for women who do not want to suffer through the pain of contractions for fourteen to eighteen hours. Thus, epidural does aid in truncating the time taken to deliver the baby. However, it also causes severe contractions.

On average, the baby comes out after two to three hours of epidural. Most first-time mothers opt for an epidural as it helps relieve the pain of contractions. Epidurals are only banned from use under certain specific conditions. Otherwise, they are administered as soon as the drip is started.


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